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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Girls Weekend!

Lead me not into temptation; 
I can find the way myself.  
~Rita Mae Brown

I have had a fantastic weekend so far, I am not so sure tomorrow is looking the same. I am not as young as I once was. Check out this weekend's itinerary:

  • Left town for the cabin house. I love getting out of town.
  • Ate German chocolate cake, drank a great bottle of wine from Michael David called Rapture and watched Love Actually. Then moved on to Bridget Jone's Diary while still drinking and snacking on brie and crackers.

  • Woke up pretty leisurely.
  •  Popped in the movie Chocolat, cut a slice of German chocolate cake for breakfast and a little brie and crackers too
  • Headed out to the nearest Starbucks
  • Hit winery No. 1 Toscano
  • Winery No. 2 Brays-Bought the 2007 Table Red and 2008 Barbera
  • Fantastic lunch at TASTE
    • Cheese plate
    • Borscht
    • Butternut Squash gnocci with pearl onions, bacon, kale, and toasted pine nuts
    • Sweet Fall Dessert
      • Persimmon cake with pumpkin gelato, and an array of other fantastic pumpkin stuff

  •  Winery No. 3 Sobon Estates-bought the 2009 Tannat and 2009 Primitivo
Now that I am home, I am tired and ready to relax, but instead I am stressing on the itinerary for tomorrow.

    • Option 1:
      • wake up at 4am drive 40 minutes to meet a friend at 5:15 to drive another 30 minutes to meet a larger group of girls, then drive another 1.5 hours to a Raider vs. Lions game
    •  Option 2:
      •  wake up at 7:30, leave at 8:00, drive 45 minutes, jump on a train for 20 minutes and meet up with the girls at the game around 9:00.
Pro for option 1 is fun girl time in the car, Con to option 1 is that they might tailgate after the game too and that means I may not get home until 10PM. 4AM to 10PM does not sound at all appealing, I am too old for that.

Pro to option 2 I get to sleep in and I have the option to stay after to tailgate or go home if I am not up for it. Option 2 sounds like the way to go, but I just don't know. I forgot to mention, I don't even watch football, so this event is entirely social. Actually my friends birthday is at the end of the month so this is our celebration day!

Why I Kick A$$: I have some great friends and fun options for my weekends.
Thankful Three
  1. For my family who is supportive of me getting girl time
  2. For my friends who come up with such fun adventures
  3. For the upcoming 3 day work week

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