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Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Motivation: Vacation is Over...when is the next?

No man needs a vacation so much 
as the person who has just had one.  
~Elbert Hubbard

How was everyone's holiday(s)? We are on night 7 of Chanukah, 1 more day to go! It has been busy since last Tuesday. I worked crazy late Wednesday and had dinner with the in-laws and took last Thursday off to "help" with my brother-in-laws wedding. They were getting married in my in-laws house and I was going to help set up, but the tables didn't arrive on time so I had a leisurely breakfast of Noah's bagels and Starbucks. I wanted a sourdough bagel, but they were out so I got a potato peppercorn toasted with butter. So yummy. When I was pregnant with my daughter I lost my taste for cream cheese and now rarely have it. I digress. So after my leisurely breakfast I dropped off gifts and cards at my work, then exchanged a pair of shorts I had gotten my dad as a gift at Old Navy. I still had time so cleaned up at home, gave the cat a bath, then had a friend over for girl talk over some yummy wine. Then the "bridal party" picked me up for our spa day. Fortunately there was champagne and we had a great time getting our nails and toes done. Afterward, we hit Starbucks. Yes, two trips to Starbucks in one day. It is still Thursday at this point.
As if wine and champagne in one day weren't enough, the "rehearsal dinner" was also Thursday night. There was no real wedding party, so the event was really just a party. My BIL rented out a pub for a few hours, there were endless drinks, amazing food and pub quiz. It was great fun...I probably should have eaten a real meal sometime that day and had more water throughout the day, but great fun. Wine, Champagne and Beer in one day. LOL In case you are wondering, I am not as young as I once was and am pretty glad "rehearsal dinners" aren't regularly scheduled events.

Friday was the wedding, a lovely affair indeed. Then Saturday family lunch with the in-laws and Saturday night Family dinner at my parents. Goodness gracious, it was a very full weekend. I was very lucky to have NOTHING to do on Sunday, we barely made it out of the house to take the kids to the park. Today was another much needed hang out day. While I am not Christian, I am pretty glad the Federal Govt took Monday off in observance of Christmas and I have a short week ahead of me. 

Today we spent the whole day at home, save for a short trip to the park. My BFF came over and brought her two young'ns and it was like having built in babysitters. Our kids played so well together, we actually got to have adult conversation. My kids had fun, I had fun, our husbands had a great golf day and we all had a nice dinner before lighting our Chanukiahs. Great hang out day! So 5 non-work days and I think I need a little vacation from this vacation. Our weekend was full, although these last two days were relaxing. I would like a little vacation for myself. I would like to send my kids to day care, sleep in, work out and read all day. I think 3-5 days of this schedule would be rejuvenating.

Speaking of vacation, we are currently planning our summer vacation to Mammoth Lakes. Super excited, this year our BFF family is going to go at the same time so we can all hang out. How cool is that? I have read books and watched movies about families that vacation together, this will be our first and I think everyone is going to love it!

Why I Kick A$$: I had a 4, 3, 2 and 1 year old in my house today and my house is still clean!
The Big Picture: I shouldn't wait until the govt takes days off or family is getting married to take time off. I need to start schedule days for me, ALL about me, then enjoy them guilt free.
Thankful Three:
  1. For amazing friends
  2. For The Girl Who Played With Fire -Stieg Larsson
  3. For a short week this week...and next!!!

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