Slow and Steady

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Summary: A lot for one post

Not what we have
But what we enjoy,
constitutes our abundance.
Wow, where did the week go. I was pretty sick last week and took Thursday and Friday off from running. The rest was good, but I still have a little bitty sinus cold. My sweet sweet husband and sucker for a good REI deal scored thise red leather Keens at 50% off and score major points with me for the gesture.
I also got two deliveries this week the first was my box of "futures" I order at a Napa Valley wine barrel tasting from last spring. In addition to 3 bottles of Carignan, I also a order a couple bottles of zin and my absolute favorite, a 2004 Nebbiolo that was pressed with barbera skins still in the press and made this mild grape really burst into a truly Noble wine. See Sunce.
 The second was my Valentine's Day gift exchange gift. My secret Valentine was the organizer herself Melissa. She is super fun, energetic and inspiring. Please stop by and visit her BLOG. Thanks Melissa! My purple sparkle laces are freak'n fantastic and I am all about making a new running playlist with my iTunes card. My 3 year old has hijacked the sweets. PERFECT nail color. PERFECT.
Friday? Friday was heavy. I visited my cousin in the hospital again. She is still in ICU, but now she is off all her helping slow the cancer meds and is only on sedative pain management. She was expected to pass last Monday, but there we were Friday and she was still hanging on. There are lots of mixed emotions in what seemingly feels like the waiting game. Enough about that, moving on to less tragic topics.
This Friday was a scheduled wine weekend. A girl friend who works for the same agency as I do was supposed to work an event Saturday in Murphy's. We were supposed to taste and stay over night in the area after the event. The storm prompted the event organizer to push the event to late March. So I suggested we use my in-laws place, take advantage of the free overnight stay and hit the fantastic tiny town of Plymouth in Amador County then head into Lodi Sunday for more wine tasting. We had a fantastic San Francisco style fancy meal in the lovely foothill town of Plymouth. Check it out TASTE. There was a light snow on Saturday. We were trying to catch a picture of it in the snap shot above. Here is a great picture of the pond at my in-laws Land house.

Why I Kick A$$: Um so maybe I don't kick as much A$$ as my wine collection, but I must say I do have Kick A$$ taste wine.

Thankful Three
  1. For finally not being the tallest girl in a photo
  2. For having such lovely friends to spend the weekend with
  3. For a cozy night on the couch watching the Oscar's with my hubby 


Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad you made the most of your girl weekend. And Yay for great wine! I went wine tasting with my girlfriends in Napa Valley in November and it was so much fun!

AmandaB said...

Yay! It was such a fantastic weekend, I couldn't have asked for better company. Good food, good wine, good friends. And yes, I second the celebration of not being the tallest one in the picture! :-)

Laura said...

So sorry about your cousin...not an easy situation.
wine+friends? Awesome....

Melissa said...

So sorry that it was so late. That is my favorite nail polish. It stays on FOREVER!!!

Molly said...

Very sorry to hear about your cousin, but that' great you got to see your friends.

Christi said...

I am really sorry about your cousin. I will continue to send prayers to your family.

I love wine but I don't have the talent you obviously have for it!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Thanks everyone, i am so ready for another wine weekend!

@Melissa, I love love love the polish, it goes on so thick it is like having a true manicure at a salon!

Thanks for the condolences everyone, It was a really rough time, but I am glad to be moving forward.