Slow and Steady

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stupid Sunday

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.

I am totally weak! Like in the slang, I am lame kind of way. My Super Hubby is on a 4 day fishing trip. Yesterday I slept in and miss my opportunity to run in the AM at the gym before he left. It rained all day. Today I slept in, it was raining and just me and the kids so no opportunity to run anyway. I dropped my son off at religious pre-school. It was not raining. I checked the forecast and sure enough it said it was going to rain, the clouds were looming so I did not run while he was in pre-school. IT. DID. NOT. RAIN. Seriously? WTF! So we had lunch, the kids went down for a nap and guess what. The weather forecast said it was raining and it was not and the clouds had moved away a bit. I was excited for the kids to wake up, we were going to hit the road, take advantage of a park and try to prevent cabin fever (for everyone). The Duder woke up, we were just waiting for the Bug. WAITING. WAITING. WAITING. WAITING! A lovely 4 hours later and sleeping beauty finally woke up. I looked outside and recalled that the sun was totally set by like 4:45 when I took the kids to the park the other night. It was 4:20, by the time I dressed everyone and got outside, I was not going to get to the end of the sidewalk before the sun was gone. Fast forward to 5:15, plenty of light. Seriously? I am such a slacker and am kicking myself for it now. I should have been in my running gear and had my son bundled so when the Bug woke up, we could bundle her and go. Opportunity LOST. Wish I had a treadmill. Really, did I just type that? I hate treadmills, but wow how convenient it would be to have one these next 4 days with the hubby gone.

Holiday Bootie Buster Points total: ZERO. At least right now, I am so motivated to do some CORE work tonight and maybe drag my bike trainer from the attic. So glad there is HBBC I have no idea if I would be motivated otherwise.

Would you have woken a sleeping baby for a run?

Thankful Three
  1. For sleeping kids- so I could do some Fall Cleaning
  2. For Pizza-hey it was by request, I was all about cooking a wholesome meal
  3. For Coffee, it is my new found friend


Christi said...

I would never wake a sleeping baby. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster!

ajh said...

I would not wake a sleeping baby. And coffee is so great!