Slow and Steady

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sampler: 2 miles is kinda like 13.1, right?!

~Mark Twain

Yesterday I talked to someone whose opinion I value. She gave me some honest feedback that made me feel like I can do some really great things. I have been putting a lot of positive energy out into the world lately. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes I really have to think about it. It is amazing that what you put out there is what you get back. 

Have you made someone feel like they can become great (or already are) or do you find yourself too often being small?

Yesterday I broke Runbbatical rules (for me) and ran on Friday (my run days are Tues and Thurs). I have dubbed it ok since I didn't run Tuesday or Thursday. I only ran 2 miles to shake the dust off these legs for Sunday's half marathon. That's enough training right? If one can run 2 miles they can run 13.1? Just say yes, OK! My friend is running her first half and I told her I would do the event with her. N is more of a run alone kinda girl so I planned to start at the line with her and maybe we'd see eachother on the course. The other day she firmed it up, we'll actually be running the course TOGETHER. I am excited! I can get into my grove and run with no music, no friends, but I know this course and it can get a bit dull so having company will sure make the time go by faster. I would guess that we finish tomorrow somewhere in the 2:45 range. I know, that is a long time on the road, but I think it is a realistic goal for our run walk approach. 13.1 is my one exception to the Runbbatical rule (for me) of nothing longer than 10 miles for a weekend long run.

Today I threw on the workout gear from last night, I didn't feel like my 2 miles last night got them gunky enough to toss in the laundry. I went out for a whopping 15 minute run because that is what I had time for before I needed to get the day started. Upon my return I jumped in the shower and got the following sarcastic comment from my husband: "Wow, a shower two days in a row, fancy mama!" Ok, I get it, showering is the highest thing on my priority list, but I know that. Super hubby thought he was being funny. I know I am not alone

Mamas who have missed a shower in their life time because they were too busy, would rather sleep the extra 20 minutes or wait for it...just down right forgot, UNITE! 

Who's with me? Anyone? Hello? Anyone?....Bueller? Bueller? Wait what? I didn't expect crickets, so I am not supposed to be proud of my lack of hygenic efforts (on occasion)?

Today is my Momma's birthday. My momma is 5'2 inches of awesome. She makes the best food, shops for me when I can muster up the strength to the sales at the mall, makes sure my kids get enough frijoles to stink up a mean diaper. My mom makes the best tortillas, amazing tamales and virtually never missed a basketball in highschool. We are such different people both is size and action, but we are so much the same too. I love her, she's amazing and I am so lucky to have her.
Abuela, my Momma and my Bug last weekend at the park.

Thankful Three
  1. For my friend E, today's is her baby shower. She has done so much for me, I am really going to enjoy "showering" her with gifts today.
  2. Obviously for my Momma, isn't she so pretty!
  3. For 15 minutes of running this morning, oh any minutes or running are better than none. 


Michelle said...

I love that quote!

P said...

Happy Birthday to your Momma!!
And, yes, two miles will TOTALLY get you ready for 13.1! :-) Have a great time at your race and congrats to your friend on her first Half!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Good luck to you and your friend! You are going to be just fine:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Christi said...

Your mom is beautiful and Happy Birthday to her!

Have a great race!