Slow and Steady

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit: The Living Bucket List-last updated 02/06/11

On a recent vacation with friends we discussed the idea of a Bucket List. My amazingly content husband only has 2 things left on his list: 1. Vacation with our son in Montana Fly Fishing and 2. Vacation with our son in New Zealand Fly Fishing. I was very quick to mention that it is likely our daughter will end up being an equally good fly fisher girl and need to join them on these trips. I love that he is so happy with what he has accomplished in life and it made me reflect on all the wonderful things that I have experienced in life. That being said, there is still a lot I would like to do.

One of the rules of the Bucket List concept, according to our friends, is that the list item be attainable. This will be tough for me because I like lofty, fantasy style goals, if I can dream it, then it probably isn't lofty enough. LOL For my 31 days to 31 challenge, I chose attainable goals (even though not all were accomplished). So I am learning, but showing restraint on my Bucket List will be a challenge all on its own. This list is living and will have updates when I feel like adding or deleting things. As I accomplish them I will mark them out. You may wonder why it is so short, but I have done much more in my life than I had even realized prior to outlining this. I have seen amazing sights, have had an opportunity to travel and other things that might otherwise make in on someone's bucket list. I will start working on a list of things I have about me as a means for you all to get to know me.

  1. Travel:
    1. Spain
    2. Take my family to Yellow Stone

  2. Complete a 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon
  3. Go to a workout resort/spa for a week
  4. Take my children to the place I spent so much time as a child in Mexico
  5. Get a breast reduction, I deserve to be able to wear a sports bra that doesn't look like a torture piece
  6. Publish an article...topic TBA
  7. Do an adventure race


AmandaB said...

Hey, your daughter may end up being a BETTER fisherman than your son...that is how it worked out in my family! :-)

Christi said...

Good luck on the bucket list! I love the idea and I am going to look into writing mine down.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Great list! And very attainable I think!

I love this idea too! I think I will make a bucket list a part of my New Year's resolutions!