Slow and Steady

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Turn Around

Wednesday Hump Day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. It has been a great last few days. My bday weekend meant a start to recovering from sleep deprivation. I say start because while I got an AMAZING night's rest Friday, Saturday not so much. I have been watching what I eat and how much. I haven't been eating after 8:00 either. So Saturday night's 4 course meal that started at 8:45 with a hearthy "Mammoth Nut" chocolately beer  as a pre-drink. I am not complaining, my bday dinner was amazing, but oh good lord I could not get comfortable to sleep for the life of me that night. Sunday night my perfect children slept perfectly and I got 8 hours. I was supposed to run yesterday but I slept in in the AM so I thought I would run in the evening (day time 104 degree heat just isn't going to happen). Of course my perfect daughter decided not to go to bed until after 10:00 PM so I thought I would make it up this AM....ooops, slept in:) I need to remember that 3 miles on the schedule is still an important distance not to be dismissed. So while I have a 6:00 PM mani/pedi scheduled after work, I am seriously going to consider getting that make up 3 mile run in tonight.

Hope are having a great week so far and that you have great things planned for the Holiday weekend.

Thankful Three

  1. For sleep
  2. For a babysitter who sent our kids home with dinner made last night. Such a time saver.
  3. For a husband who recognizes wall sits are actually hard

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit: The Living Bucket List-last updated 02/06/11

On a recent vacation with friends we discussed the idea of a Bucket List. My amazingly content husband only has 2 things left on his list: 1. Vacation with our son in Montana Fly Fishing and 2. Vacation with our son in New Zealand Fly Fishing. I was very quick to mention that it is likely our daughter will end up being an equally good fly fisher girl and need to join them on these trips. I love that he is so happy with what he has accomplished in life and it made me reflect on all the wonderful things that I have experienced in life. That being said, there is still a lot I would like to do.

One of the rules of the Bucket List concept, according to our friends, is that the list item be attainable. This will be tough for me because I like lofty, fantasy style goals, if I can dream it, then it probably isn't lofty enough. LOL For my 31 days to 31 challenge, I chose attainable goals (even though not all were accomplished). So I am learning, but showing restraint on my Bucket List will be a challenge all on its own. This list is living and will have updates when I feel like adding or deleting things. As I accomplish them I will mark them out. You may wonder why it is so short, but I have done much more in my life than I had even realized prior to outlining this. I have seen amazing sights, have had an opportunity to travel and other things that might otherwise make in on someone's bucket list. I will start working on a list of things I have about me as a means for you all to get to know me.

  1. Travel:
    1. Spain
    2. Take my family to Yellow Stone

  2. Complete a 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon
  3. Go to a workout resort/spa for a week
  4. Take my children to the place I spent so much time as a child in Mexico
  5. Get a breast reduction, I deserve to be able to wear a sports bra that doesn't look like a torture piece
  6. Publish an article...topic TBA
  7. Do an adventure race

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Motivation: What's next?

What progress, you ask, have I made? 
I have begun to be a friend to myself.
~Hecato, Greek philosopher

I love this quote because I really feel like the difference for me this year as compared to any other time I have wanted to be fit, lose weight etc.. is that I have been much more positive and less negatively critical of myself. There are really no "failed" attempts, just opportunities to improve and very little pressure. It is kinda nice to be nice to myself.

I love list making. This weekend my husband and I travel with another couple who each had a bucket list. Bucket list, common idea right? Then why don't I have one? After talking to my husband about this I have had life/goal lists some written, some not, but never really labeled a bucket list. So this week I will be working on my "Living" Bucket List. Living because I know my goals in life will evolve and I want the list to grow with me. Stay tuned for that one.
Run or REST?
Now some updates: This past weekend was my birthday and we traveled to Mammoth Lakes, CA. What I was thinking was that this would be an amazing opportunity to train at elevation. Friday was a rest day for me and of all things, I sprained my ankle fly fishing. So there was no run Saturday or Sunday. A bit of a bummer, but at the same time a blessing in disguise. As a mother of 2 kids under 3 sleeping in instead of early morning runs seemed to be just what my body needed. 
Text Message Fitness Challenge
Now I am ready to get back on track, the ankle is doing much better tonight and I know I am going to be ready for this week. The first two weeks of this marathon training program have not gone well for me at all. The one thing I have going for me is that I chose an 18 week program to give me some training cushion, the longest run I have missed was only 8 miles, so I am not feeling too far behind my distance capabilities either. I have my next sprint triathlon in 2 weeks so I have devised a daily text message fitness challenge for myself and 5 girlfriends to help get me motivated. It's a 3xsomething challenge. We are all at different fitness levels, but these short exercises I think will be great ways for us to stay connected through fitness and be able to motivate each other daily with our text message updates. It starts today Monday 6/28 and ends Friday 7/9. What makes this different for me is that I am now responsible for detailing out the 3 exercises each day and accountability is a huge motivator for me. Unless I am accountable to someone I can tend to fall into my "Ambitious Slacker" persona. 
In other News
In other news after a crazy weekend of amazing food, wine and eating after 8:00, I am ready to get back to a more controlled eating schedule. I have been tracking my calories, but not staying in a healthy range. One weekend party binge is not that bad, but it is important that it not turn into a slippery slope type thing. So I am back on the wagon of generally not eating after 8:00 and tracking calories with the intention of staying within a weight loss range with my higher calorie days staying somewhere closer to a maintenance range than a ballooning up range.

Todays Text Message Workout Selections:
  1. 3x10 jumping jacks
  2. 3x25 sit ups
  3. 3x10 donkey kicks (each leg)
Thankful Three
  1. For friends who are willing to participate in my dorky challenges so that I can be successful
  2. For a husband who buys me bike clip-ins as a birthday present
  3. For feeling totally capable of achieving body image success...that's right, I said it. I am totally excited about how my body is changing in positive ways and I am super interested in stepping up my efforts to slim down and tone up in a MAINTAINABLE way.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Sampler: Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Ok, so I know it has been awhile since my last post, but it has been a whirlwind week. Between food poisoning, a double ear infection, missing working only to be hit with working late on a day I should've stayed home. To say the least it has been hectic. Today is my birthday and I embarked on a perfect vacation on Friday morning. Traveled quickly through Yosemite, caught a bear siting then landed in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I love it here. On the schedule this weekend was a 6 mile run today and a 4 mile run tomorrow. Yesterday was a rest day and I appropriately sprained my ankle fly fishing. Yeah, I know it sounds pretty ridiculous, but I was standing in snow on the shore casting when the "packed" snow under me gave way. Kinda lame, but I would rather be nowhere else than beautiful Mammoth with a sprained ankle. A little frustrating for sure since there is so much to do outdoors here, but still was able to tough through a short hike this afternoon before my schedule birthday massage.

Tonight I had an amazing dinner and am now enjoying the company of some great friends. It is likely I'll skip the Sunday Summary tomorrow, but I am looking forward to this weeks Monday Motivation post. I totally need to get back on track, but am not too worried about it since birthday weekends mean calories kinda don't count and missed workouts are kinda ok. Right?

Hope everyone is having as fabulous a weekend as I am! Looking forward to my next challenge or list or something to check off, report on and look forward to.

Happy eating, drinking and laughing....if you can squeeze some swimming, biking and running in there too, then you are my hero!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit-Black Listed

More about me. There are several restaurants, menu items and snack foods that I love used to love. I get nostalgic about food, but fail to remember that my taste buds are evolving and somethings that my brain thinks I am going to flip over, make my tummy flop over. Here is the list, I am sad to write this, but hope it will prevent some wasteful and disappointing purchases. I am sure the list will grow, but here is a short start:
  1. No more Weinerschnitzl Chili Cheese Dogs
  2. No more Long John Silver's anything
  3. Real tears with this one: No more Snickers (I am hoping I get over this, because as of 6 months ago I really did love them)
  4. Nibs (cute little red licorice candy)
  5. Jujy Fruit candy
  6. Juju Bees candy-even as I type this they sound yummy!
  7. Dots (by tootsie)
  8. Sonic, the idea of tater tots are awesome, but they always fail to quench that nostalgic cafeteria taste
  9. Applebee's
  10. Chili's
  11. Mimi's Cafe
  12. Sbarro
  13. Carl's Junior fries
  14. Arby's
  15. Foster's Freeze (home town homies, don't hate me for writing this, I just don't love the deep fried burritos or extra pickly burgers anymore :()
  16. Top Ramen Noodle Soup-added 07/04/10
Wow, I really am a junk food junky.

Day 27 Recap 06.22.10
  1. Compliment: I survived an amazing painful & sleepless night
  2. 3 sets of gatorade lifts
  3. Spent 31 minutes: sleeping and repeat
  4. Calories: 1319 so far. I have an 1 1/2 hrs left in my eating day, but since I am supposed to be on a clear liquid diet the rest of today I should be able to stay in a decent calorie range. How did I get this high in calories on liquids? Gatorade is one, the other is I was starving and have to take medication with actual food. Toast with peanut butter is a lot of calories, I know not liquid.
  5. Looked in the mirror and wonder how after a night like last night I can look so puffy, I should look skeletal? Damn stomach bug/food poisoning thing.

    Thankful Three
    1. For the best babysitter ever!
    2. For co-workers who covered for me so I could stay home & sleep
    3. For antibiotics, can you say D-O-U-B-L-E ear infection?

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Monday Motivation: Registration Station

    Registration Station

    Talk about some Monday Motivation! I know my "registration station" post seems lofty, but I do so much better when my runs are event oriented. I don't like to run alone all that much so events work well for me. Sure I may not be winning any races, but I will be enjoying every step of my marathon training. All the triathlon runs are on trails and some rolling hills. All the trail runs have great elevation gains too. I am hoping these events will be good preparation for the NWM in San Francisco which will have it's fair share of rolling hills and major hills. Remember, NWM is my A race this year! So registration might not be the best choice of words, but it is my intention to have the following race schedule through the end of 2010.

    July 10th 25th Annual TRI For FUN Sprint Triathlon #2 (+1 additional mile for my 4)
    August 8th TRI For REAL Olympic Distance Triathlon #3 (+2 miles after the race for my 8 mile long run)
    August 14th Coastal Trail Runs: Cinderella 1/2 marathon trail run (it is a 16 mile long run weekend so I'll be squeezing in an extra 3 after the run)
    August 29thThe Luna Bar Festivaltriathlon
    September 19th Coastal Trail Runs: Diablo 1/2 marathon trail run (I am only scheduled to run 12, but I figure I will be walking a lot as this is a super hilly run)
    September 26thThe Granite Bay Triathlon? This is a 20 mile long run weekend, not sure?
    October 10th Fleet Feet Sports Sac. Golden State Sprint Triathlon (+2 miles)
    October 17th NWM S.F.
    October 31st 5K Mud Run
    November 6th Coastal Trail Runs: Lake Chabot 5 mile trail run
    November 13th Pacific Coast Trail Runs-Muir Beach 17K
    December 19th Pacific Coast Trail Runs-Rodeo Beach 20K
    December 26th Coastal Trail Runs: Coyote Ridge 7 mile trail run

    Day 26 Recap 06.21.10
    1. Compliment: I went to work, even though the summer solstice, brought me a summer cold
    2. 3 sets of jumping jacks-they are just so fun!
    3. Spent 31 minutes: make that 2 hours napping. I came home from work sick today.
    4. Calories: 1626
    5. Looked in the mirror and am wondering when I should get new clothes. I am at an in between stage where my current size looks baggy, but I am not down to the next lower size completely yet.

      Thankful Three
      1. For lunch with my hubby
      2. For pictures being sent to the 1-hour photo place today so I can finish my scrapbook pages by Wednesday
      3. For my Duder rolling out tortillas with me tonight. He is such a good helper

      Sunday, June 20, 2010

      Sunday Summary

      Sunday Summary

      So this week did not exactly gone as planned. I'll keep this post short, but really not my best effort this week.

      Week 1 of 18 marathon training
      Miles Planned: 17
      Miles Run: 5

      I had 3x3 mile runs planned and only did one. I had my 8 mile long run scheduled for yesterday, but decided to run it with friends/cousins today. Of course I am the only one that showed up at 6:30 am, but I was glad I got out there. After 2 amazing 10 minute miles (the first one was actually 9:50), I started to have digestive issues and went home. My intention was to get back out there, but then I started not feeling well at all (overall). I felt a sinus infection/allergy/summer cold thing coming on. By the kids 11:30 nap time, feeling yucky was in full force. My amazing husband, on Father's Day no less, picked up the slack and I slept for 3 straight hours in the middle of the day. Unfortunately I woke up with some body aches, completely congested and with a sinus head ache. Eeew, I have my birthday weekend coming up this weekend and CAN.NOT.BE.SICK!!! I know it sounds selfish, but I spent a good amount of time apologizing for feeling like I ruined Father's Day by being sick in bed instead of slaving over my hubby all day.

      I have a great week planned, tomorrow it Mexican food from scratch day, I have a hair appt this week and I'll be in Mammoth this weekend. I only have 6 miles planned for the long run Saturday and am excited and intimidated to do it at altitude. Other miles scheduled are 3x4 mile runs with one of those set for Sunday so I'll get 10 miles overall at altitude. If Mammoth sounds familiar to you it is probably because this is where Deena Kastor does her training. Gonna be a great week!

      Day 22 Recap 06.17.10
      1. Compliment: I survived a trip to the crafts store with both kids in tow.
      2. 3 sets of abs, tonight was a really good one!
      3. Spent 31 minutes: getting my scrapbook supplies to finish my Bug's three pages
      4. Calories: 1740
      5. Looked in the mirror and it is pretty amazing, I don't mind looking at myself. I see potential instead of feeling defeated.

      Day 23 Recap 06.18.10
      1. Compliment: I know my cheese. The server person at the vineyard gave me my cheese plate which listed: Swiss, Brie, Manchego and Fontina. I didn't see a Manchego, and tasted what I was sure was San Joaquin Gold. I went up to the server and asked if they had the packaging available as I was sure I was eating San Joaquin Gold and needed validation. BTW it is the most wonderful cheese. She said, "No, um..." then proceeded to recite what she thought was on the cheese list and finished by saying, "I think there is some Sangria on there." Yep you read that right, Sangria. Not to sound like a snob, but vendors should really make the staff review and if possible taste what is being served. I was a little embarrassed for her.
      2. 3 sets of wine glass lifts (Saw The Fray at Ironstone Vineyards, Murphy's, CA super fun.
      3. Spent 31 minutes: sitting on lawn seats drinking wine, enjoying a cheese plate and listening to The Fray
      4. Calories: 3078, could have been so much worse
      5. Looked in the mirror and continue to be excited that my clothes fit, I felt really skinny in my jeans and black long sleeve tonight

      Day 24 Recap 06.19.10
      1. Compliment: I am a capable mom. Trip to Costco, two bday parties and neither kiddo had melt downs
      2. 3 sets of lifting kids & bulk groceries
      3. Spent 31 minutes: napping on the couch before bday party #1 (yes I got both kids down for a nap at the same time)
      4. Calories: 2177--includes bday cake!!
      5. Looked in the mirror and was pretty stoked I wore a size 12 skort thingy today--comfortably.

      Day 25 Recap 06.20.10
      1. Compliment: I got up to run 8 miles...I didn't finish 8, but I got out there so high 5 for me
      2. 3 sets of jumping jacks in the laundry room (hubby caught me, I am not exactly light on my feet)
      3. Spent 31 minutes: make that 3 hours napping. Sick today.
      4. Calories: 1895--includes Chinese Food for Father's Day and Oreos. Soooo full!
      5. Looked in the mirror and am feeling skinnier than I actually am. Not a bad thing, but I don't want to get comfortable with my weight loss, I still have a ways to go.
        Thankful Three
        1. For a husband who watches the kids on Father's Day so his sick wife can nap for 3 hours
        2. For 10 minute miles, not sure when I went from 12 to 10, but I am love'n it!
        3. For a 2 1/2 year who returned to normal this weekend after a week of unpredictable tantrums.

        Wednesday, June 16, 2010

        The Turn Around

        Wednesday Hump Day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week.  Today was definitely my turn around. This week started my official 18 week marathon training program and I missed my first run on Tuesday. It was only supposed to be 3 miles so I wasn't too worried I missed it...that is until today's guilt set in. So tonight on a "rest" day, I did my 3 mile make up session and feel great. I wish today was a great food turn around day too, but alas it was not. Don't get me wrong, I am doing well with my caloric intake, but nothing is really doing it for me lately. I haven't really been hungry and when I think I want something, I end up being dissatisfied with it. Example, Monday I found out my great uncle died. I immediately wanted a Snickers bar (I am an emotional eater). I bought said snickers bar, took one bite and was completely distraught because it wasn't amazingly yummy. It did not make me feel like I was wrapped up in a snuggly blanket, I didn't feel consoled. My snickers bar was broken! What was I going to do to fix my sadness?!?! Needless to say it was a tough day.

        So without giving me the cliche, go for a run advice, what can I do in the future to stave off an emotional moment when chocolate fails me?

        31 Days to 31 Update. Only 10 more days left!!! 
        So much left to accomplish, so little time.

        Day 19 Recap 06.14.10
        1. Compliment: I can cry with the best of them, I miss my uncle
        2. 3 sets of…tears
        3. Spent 31 minutes: remember how great my childhood experiences in Mexico were
        4. Calories: 1718
        5. Looked in the mirror and remembered today was marathon kick off day--good thing the schedule called for rest, my body needed it. The sleeper I am, the flabbier I feel.

        Day 20 Recap 06.15.10
        1. Compliment: I totally wore the cutest outfit today, sorry no pics
        2. 3 sets of…calf raises
        3. Spent 31 minutes: at a congregational board meeting feeling like a true contributor
        4. Calories: 1300
        5. Looked in the mirror and was pretty excited that I get to weigh in tomorrow, I am starting to have a waist!

        Day 21 Recap 06.16.10
        1. Compliment: I ran, even though pizza dinner left me feeling ill. So happy for sneakers
        2. 3 sets of…short sprints
        3. Spent 31 minutes: watching the first episode of Top Chef, love summer TV
        4. Calories: 1700, this includes my after 8:00 1/2 PB&J sandwich--I was so hungry
        5. Looked in the mirror and kind of panicked because I only have 10 days to do a number on my arms to achieve my "Sexy Arms"
          Thankful Three
          1. cupcakes at board meetings
          2. talented women in book club, one of which is getting me an estimate on my whimsical bday cake
          3. colored pens. marathon miles are now logged into my paper calendar in green. Green means GO!

          Monday, June 14, 2010

          Monday Motivation: 26.2

          Today officially started my marathon training program. It is 18 weeks and generally fashioned after the NYC Marathon Beginner's schedule. I will tweak it to include my TRI training and probably will not do the couple weeks of 6 days a week of running that the schedule calls for. Today I had planned to do something fun to kick off the training like running at midnight. Today is a rest day, with tomorrow being the first official run day (3 miles) so midnight tonight sounded neat. Instead my great morning was deflated by hearing about the passing of my great-uncle and a tough emotional day at work. Social Services type work will do that to you. So what can I do to make this kick off week special? There is no failing so I'll just modify my 31 Things list to reflect a fun kick off week vs. kick off in general. I'll be thinking, but in the mean time here are a few reasons why I am running 26.2 on October 17th.
          1. Tiffany's jewelry at the finish
          2. Scenic course
          3. Something to focus on all summer besides the 100 degree heat
          4. To get into my skinny pants
          5. To brag that I finished 26.2
          6. To hopefully have a better 2nd marathon than first
          7. To boost my confidence
          8. To inspire others
          9. To prove to myself that I can
          10. Brownie Sundaes
          11. New running clothes
          12. To be thin enough for new regular clothes
          13. To feel strong
          14. To get watch and sock tan lines while training
          15. To feel like I have accomplished something big before my daughter's first birthday
          16. To have something to blog about for 18 weeks
          17. To continue my path to general fitness
          18. To set an example for...anyone who notices
          19. To be so tired I force myself to actually go to sleep at a decent time
          20. To have an excuse to eat a bazillion calories
          21. Race finish photos
          22. To earn pedicures for myself on a regular basis
          23. To get my tush into shape by training on hills for the course, who doesn't like a perky tush?
          24. I should be hearing about the leadership program selections in October, if I don't get in I won't be too bummed since I'll be psyched about the marathon
          25. To go into Halloween/Thanksgiving/Anniversary time at a decent weight...I love food celebrations
          26. To feel like I have a sexy runner's body (as much as my body can look/feel like that)
          .2 Because it'll be freak'n cool

          Thankful Three
          1. For a loving family on a really tough day
          2. For staying positive even though my kick off day has changed to a kick off week
          3. For sleep. Good night

          Sunday, June 13, 2010

          Race Report~Finally

          This was the first TRI of the season and it went slightly better than expected. The short version:

          TBF RACING TRI for FUN 1/2 mile swim~16 mile bike~3 mile run
          8 out of 38 Athena's
          If I would have aged grouped I would have been 27/48 in the 30-34 group

          woke up at 5:30, rolled out of bed at 5:45
          5:45 pump
          6:30ish left for the race which was about 45 minutes away
          Darn it, out of bread which meant no toast with peanut butter. What do I do?
          Stopped at the Raley's 10 minutes away from the race grabbed a Nutz Over Chocolate Luna bar. WOW! I forgot how yummy those things are. I only ate half and drank less than 6 oz. of water
          7:30 arrived at the race, checked in then headed to the bike support tent to have a nice young man pump up my tires. Good thing, I am still not accustomed to my bike and the new skinny pump up thingy. Yes I know, shame on me for not being on top of my new bike's maintenance.
          Just shy of 8:00 I had my wet suit on and was chatting with 3 other DTC members at our team rack. I am still new to the club so while I recognize faces, I am still learning names.
          New Race technique I tried today was to swim before the swim start. Triathlon Magazine (email) promotes warming up to get your body accustomed to the movement while also getting your heart rate up. They recommend a few hundred yards, I only swam to the rope line and back. I felt panicky and my heart rate went up right way. I was pretty nervous and I think this little (very little) swim helped calm my nerves.
          8:30 my wave went out and I lined up mid to back of the pack. I let the folks get going a few strokes before I went out and felt really calm. My training for this portion of the race consisted of a 1 mile swim at the gym 4 days before the race.
          Distance: 1/2 mile
          Time: about 18:45
          Effort: I went out easy hoping not to freak out like last year when I needed rescue surf board assistance to catch my breath and ease a mini-panic attack. Any how I think the mini swim helped because I felt panic free the whole swim. I didn't push to hard for fear I would run out of breath, hyperventilate or bonk before finishing. Getting out of the water I felt like I had too much left. Next time I'll need to get over the fear and go all out.
          Transition 1: Probably took 3:30. Long I know, but had to strip the wet suit, reapply sun screen, and I am pretty sure the socks are what took the longest because I thought my toes were going to cramp. Shoes, helmet, gloves, sunglasses and shot blocks and I was running out of transition.

          Distance: 16 miles
          Time: about 1:01:00

          Effort: I felt fresh on the bike and pretty awesome zipping by so many people. Like I said, too fresh out of the water. About 1/4 of the way through the bike I started to get passed. Slower swim folks were killing me. I played leap frog with a few people and that kept me motivated to peddle hard, but the fact is I hadn't ridden my bike since April 25th. I know, I am awful. Just awful. I am trying to remember a subsequent ride, but my mind is drawing a blank. The rolling hills were way harder than they should have been, I need to learn how to shift. I did get a whopping 1 mile per hour faster than my previous rides. I'll take it.
          Transition 2: Probably took about a minute, maybe a couple of seconds longer, but not much. Advantage to not having clip ins is that T2 is mostly done when I rack my bike. Disadvantage? Well? I know when I get my clip ins later this summer. Any how, took the advice of a club team mate and put all my goodies into my hat so that I could grab it and go. While running out of transition I moved my fuel from hat to pocket, threw on the hat and strapped on the belt. I love new race tips!
          Distance: 3 miles
          Time: about 33:00
          Effort: Oh lord, really? It seemed to take forever to get my legs going. I was so excited to see the the aid station thinking it was the half way point, NOPE, it was the 1-mile marker. The fire road was dusty, but easy on the joints. There were rolling hills and my legs were too tired to even turn over on the down hills. I walked alot. Like a real lot. My time surprised me because seriously 11 minute miles take a lot of effort, but hey that is the one thing I have done more than once in the last month to prepare for this race.

          I know all my times are rough estimates, but that is close enough for me. One of these days I learn how to read the lap function on my watch. I can mark them, but have not idea how to go back and look at each "lap". I think I see a fancy watch in my future.

          Lots of people on the team placed. The race offered placement for 1-5 in each age group and division. I am pretty confident, especially after seeing my competitors, that I am capable of much more. The first place person in my division would have taken 2/28 in her age group. The 2nd place person would have taken 6/48 in her age group and the 3rd place person would have taken 11/49. So I spent some time wondering during the award ceremonies, why someone who is competitive enough to age group, chooses to sign up for the Athena division? It made it tough on the course to see who my competition was because some people obviously did not "look" like an Athena. Granted the podium finishers did look the part, but they sure as heck could have just as easily age grouped.

          Thoughts on the Athena concept?

          CATCH UP

          Day 15 Recap 06.10.10
          1. Compliment: My blend for wine club night took 3rd place, yay for Purple Cowboy
          2. 3 sets of…toe raises
          3. Spent 31 minutes: hanging out with some great girls
          4. Calories: 2343, not the best day, but it was wine club night!
          5. Looked in the mirror and am continually motivated to look a bit more fit. Getting there, but I am impatient.

          Day 16 Recap 06.11.10
          1. Compliment: I broke the not eating after 8:00 thing without even thinking about rules. This is a compliment because usually I am crazy rules based. Tonight was my son's first camping trip and I couldn't pass on sharing S'mores with him.
          2. 3 sets of…it was camping day I am sure I did something 3x
          3. Spent 31 minutes: At the brewery with my friend after dinner. I needed a break.
          4. Calories: 2442, not bad considering it was camping day.
          5. Looked in the mirror and decided I love campy outfits on my frame. It suits me.

          Day 17 Recap 06.12.10
          1. Compliment: I survived camping with a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old
          2. 3 sets of…stairs from the beach to the car to change diapers and leg lifts when I got home
          3. Spent 31 minutes: sleeping on the car ride home
          4. Calories: 3238, WOW! I ate a friends BBQ. BBQ chicken, Ribs, baked potato, not good for you salad and a slice of my delicious Dobos Torte. I am going to go ahead and say a splurge day is not going to kill me. Especially since I survived camping day. Remember my goal here is just to be aware of my calories so the fact that I even counted earns me a High Five.
          5. Looked in the mirror and I am so tired. My posture shows it. Sleep is super important I have decided.

          Day 18 Recap 06.13.10
          1. Compliment: I knocked #11 off my list in a big way. Professional photo shoot for my family and my husbands family as an early father's day gift for my father-in-law. Yeah I know, I am awesome.
          2. 3 sets of…sit ups. I zipped up a pair of pants a size down, but the muffin top needs some work.
          3. Spent 31 minutes: watching a month old episode of CSI: NY
          4. Calories: 1521. YES, back on track
          5. Looked in the mirror and decided I NEED to get into those size smaller pants more comfortably...hmm how fast can I do it???

            Thankful Three
            1. For egg rolls and hot mustard
            2. For my babies who are back on a normal schedule (darn camping thing, it was too sunny for them at bed time that my bug didn't quite understand it.)
            3. For feeling like myself on a day I was sure to be frazzled by official pictures, in the heat, with my babies and my in-laws. I was just hoping to survive, but it went so much better than that.