Slow and Steady

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Motivation

Ok first thing first:

Day 5 Recap 05.31.10
  1. Compliment: At 5'10...and a half. I have decided I can totally rock 3 inch heels. If you know me, I generally where sneakers, Teva flip flops or Keens so this is kinda a big deal.
  2. 3 sets name it! It was an awesome workout day, lunges, jump rope, crawls, sit ups, weights etc...
  3. Spent 31 minutes, scratch that, ALL DAY doing stuff for me. Workout, run, mani, pedi, pizza, beer, Sex in the City movie, some retail therapy and then meal prep for the week. Steel cut oat meal, meatloaf, enchiladas and even squeezed in making cupcakes for my staff. Today, I was a rockstar.
  4. Calories: 1370 minus the 469 estimated calories burned=901. By the time I was hungry again it was after 8:00 so we'll wait for breakfast tomorrow.
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled, and wait for it.....meant it. Totally feeling awesome today.
Thankful Three
  1. That the hubby is home! Yes this was yesterday's too, but I really missed him, plus he was on kid duty today for the Me Monday Madness
  2. That I get to start my work week with Tuesday
  3. That someone trusts me enough to help them get into better shape. More on this later.
Monday Motivation

Tangerine Beer mixed with Widmer Rasberry Cider, YUMMY!!!

So great, going again on Thursday with my book club girls.
 Bad picture, but they are Grey with Black animal print and the trim is shiny patent leather. 3 inch heels!
Love the rose on the toe.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Weeks End Summary

Ok, so last week wasn't the best workout week for me, but it happens.

Monday: Long day at work, long night at a going away dinner.
Tuesday: Another long day at work, followed by a long Board meeting that night.
Wednesday: Ok day at work, but it was my last night with the hubby before his 4-day fishing trip so I opted for family time, no workout.
Thursday: Single parent, work, then my nieces highschool graduation. Guess what? No workout.
Friday: Work, rest.
Saturday: Out of town at a friends house, no workout.
Sunday: Errands, Fleet Feet for a new sports bra, Trader Joe's, Costco, baked at cake at 8:30 PM so my hubby would have a goodie when he got home from his fishing trip.

So It wasn't a complete disaster, but I really have to step it up this week. I have my first official Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and I need to get in the pool. NEED to get in the pool.

Day 3 Recap 05.29.10
  1. Compliment: I keep good company
  2. 3 sets of sit ups
  3. Spent 31 minutes + having lunch with my friend
  4. Calories: 2363, well at least I am aware of it
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled. And today I was really feeling like I can make a noticeable change by my bday. Go Team Self!
Day 4 Recap 05.30.10
  1. Compliment: I am a thoughtful person
  2. 3 sets of sit ups
  3. Spent 31 minutes having a quiet lunch alone while the kids napped
  4. Calories: 1923, over the 1500, but feeling good about it
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled. And can't wait to workout. Tough not being able to get my desired workouts in, but I am energized to start up again tomorrow.
Thankful Three
  1. That the hubby is home!
  2. That tomorrow I have a girls day planned including knocking #19 and #21 off my 31 Things list
  3. For my new Enell sports bra, hope it works!

    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    31 days to 31-Daily 5

    Thursday was the beginning of 31 days to 31. Yes, it is a long, tough blog to sort through, but such is life. The original post is on my side bar and will be updated to show what has been crossed off the list. I will post regularly about my Daily 5. Hope you enjoy, and if not? Well hey, you only have to put up with it for 31 days so suck it up :)

    Day 1 Recap 5.27.10
    1. Compliment: I'm a flexible wife (hubby is gone on a 4-day fishing trip, so deep in wilderness that there is no phone reception. 4-days I can handle, incommunicado? a little more challenging, but I do it.
    2. 3 sets of toe/calf raises
    3. I spent 31 minutes blogging, reading blogs etc. just hung out on the internet
    4. Calories for the day, approx: 1410
    5. Yes, I looked in the mirror and forced a smile, I know it'll get easier to start seeing my body for what it is-awesome baby making, running/triathlon doing, master grocery carrying machine-, versus what I perceive it to be-not 20 anymore-.
    Day 2 Recap 5.28.10
      1. Compliment: I get things done
      2. 3 sets of tushy/kegel lift things
      3. I spent 31 minutes ready/falling asleep with a book in my face
      4. Calories for the day, approx: 1880
      5. Looked in the mirror. I'm really glad I'm making myself do this.
      I have gotten a couple good ideas via this blog and Facebook about what to do for the last 5 slots: no veggies LOL, swim in the ocean...if only my weekends weren't full I could make it to the beach, fishing with my probably not, and pizza night with the family-from scratch, cool! Other ideas after chatting with friends: Try a new beer or mixed drink-very likely, learn a new style of dance (too much effort, but if an opportunity falls in my lap, I'm in. I am still on the hunt for good, EASY, ideas, so keep tossing them out!
        Thankful Three
        1. Good friends
        2. the "Loseit" app on my iPhone
        3. For knocking #15 off my 31 things list today

        Thursday, May 27, 2010

        31 Things Thursday-ended 6/26

        Yeah, um don't freak out I have no intention to post 31 things every Thursday, you are just lucky enough to have caught me on day one of my 31 days to 31(birthday). So I thought I would count up day 1 of my 31 days to 31, day 2 etc But it appears a countdown sounds cuter, 31 more days til my bay! I know, such troubles I have to have to worry about which sounds cuter ?

        What is this 31 days to 31 all about? Well, blog-land is flooded with short term challenges lately and I have loved it. I love small attainable goals, especially since I am the type to think so "big picture" that I forget to enjoy the journey. Anyhow, I wanted my own challenge for me and about me. I welcome anyone to join me on any portion of this as many of us, especially moms tend to put others first. The layout is below, please note that the 5 open slots at the bottom are for your suggestions or a fun idea yet to strike me.

        31 is the special number for me, you can choose your own time frame and volume of To-Dos.

        1. Say one nice thing about myself (I dont take compliments well nor do I see my own worth sometimes)
        2. Do 3 sets of any 1 exercise daily (lunges, sit ups, step ups whatever-hopefully it will lead to more)
        3. Spend 31 minutes a day doing something just for me. Not multi-tasking, just for me.
        4. Be calorie conscious. To lose ½ lb -2 lbs a week, I need try and keep my calorie intake between about 1500 to 1900 Calories per day. I am terrible when I feel restricted so having a range daily will be helpful. To maintain my current weight I need about 2500. I am not currently factoring in that I am a nursing mom. I would love to set a weight loss goal, but this challenge is about me and I am setting myself up for success! If I can become more calorie conscious over the next 31 days, then that is success
        5. Look in the mirror and purposefully smile at the body that got me an amazing husband and produced two gorgeous children. It my be battered, stretched out and generally kinda squishy, but it is mine. I want to improve it sure, but I need to remember to be thankful for my health and the gifts  this body has given me.
        Sometime during the 31 days:

        6. Try a food or flavor I have never tasted
        7. Start my marathon training on the right foot by doing something creative at the start. I am thinking of my first run being at midnight the night the official training starts, well see.
        8. Get sexy arms. This is an area of my body that does not been too much work and I am confident that in 31 days I can achieve this goal.
        9. Download 31 new songs to run/workout to or flat out just enjoy dancing around the house to.
        10. 3x1 hour of leave from work to hit the gym, get a pedicure or something for me
        11. Coordinate a family photo (just immediate family-this may or may not end up being a professional photo, I do not apologize if I squeeze us all into a self taken digital camera picture J)
        12. 3x1 pages of Junes scrapbook
        13. Buy an outfit that makes me feel cute (workout or non-workout clothes, doesnt matter).
        14. Finish one book (yes I get to count any book that I have already started, there are 4 I am partially into already)
        15. Visit my friend and former running partner, I miss her.
        16. Make a list of fast food places I used to love and have learned I dont like anymore. Reason? Because when a year has gone by that I havent had this particular food I never remember that I dont like it anymore and am disappointed.
        17. Cook something new or that I havent tried (Made grilled mushroom caps. Just clean, take out the stem and place on grill pan or BBQ upside down. Salt. Then as they grill the natural juices fill the caps. Sooo delicious as an appetizer and they look kind of fancy too!
        18. Order myself the perfect Bday Cake. I love all the fancy confection designs and every year magically hope Ill get the cute cake I dream about. But no one else is in my head to know what I want and there is nothing wrong with picking my own. I really want something whimsical
        19. Go to the movies for a summer chick flick even if no one else can go with me
        20. Get a facial
        21. Try a new See's candy chocolate. If I love my set flavors so much, the other flavors might be awesome too. No more chocolate discrimination without taste testing first.
        22. Tell someone I really care about why they are awesome, it'll make me feel good to tell someone how good they make me feel
        23. Try a raw food restaurant again, the first time was ok, but too long ago to remember
        24. Finally do my registration station post (outline my summer races, maybe fall too)
        25. Spend 24 hours with no phone, TV or laptop
        26. Make a traditional Mexican style meal with no major "short cut" substitutions
        27. Apply for the Leadership program at work, what's the worst thing that can happen?
        28. Schedule my birthday. Yes we'll be in Mammoth Lakes, but I need to book a massage and make dinner reservations.
        29. Buy new sports bra
        30. Book my Nike Women's Marathon Hotel

        So how should the final 5 be rounded out? Remember this list is full of very attainable goals, so no "super effort" type suggestions please.