Slow and Steady

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Motivation: Walking

All truly great thoughts 
are conceived by walking.
Friedrick Nietzsche

So the last time I posted I was in the best mood and had gone on a trail run, uh hike, jog...whatever, then I registered for a local training group prepping for a half marathon in March and feeling on top of the world. I ran my first long run with them on Sunday January 27th. Mind you have I haven't run more than 1-2 miles since I can remember and I showed up and ran 5.35 non-stop in 1:02. This was good for me and especially my first time out after a long hiatus. That night I felt a tiny pain. The pain grew and grew and I decided to try and sleep it off. Monday morning, uh pain this there, doctor's office called and long story short I am sidelined at least until February 28th. I'll spare you the details of my health issues, it is not serious, but I am limited to walking for the remainder of the month until I go back in for a follow up. My hubby even asked the doctor for me if I could maintain my weight training and swim or something that is low impact and he said, absolutely not, I can't even do yoga!

So here I am post temporary sideline diagnosis and I am going back and forth with having mini pity parties for myself while junk food binging and then feeling awesome and eating within my calorie target trying to maintain my current accomplishments. It is such an emotional thing for me. I had really been doing so well with my weight training and I was really ready to add in cardio more consistently. Most of the pain has either shifted into dull constant annoyance with a few stretches of no pain at all. I am feeling more on the up and up, but the restrictions suck.

Today I did another long walk with my training group, yup, I didn't give up. I went from B group that runs 10-12 minute miles to D group that walks. I covered the same ground as my last run, 5.36 miles, but this time is took me 1:14 and I burned about half as many calories. Also, walking is tough, really super duper tough and uses all kind of funny muscles. Like I almost have a shin splint thing happening on my left shin. Ugh, I know some movement is better than no movement and really it isn't about the calories burned, it is about being fit, but still, I am vain, I want on some level to be thin, but apparently haven't quite committed enough to ditch the sweet tooth lol All in good time and in good balance. Perhaps this sideline is a blessing in disguise.

Why I Kick A$$: While I may not be feeling very successful on the health and fitness front, I have definitely been doing well at work.
The Big Picture: February 28th is around the corner, I am already feeling better and walking is keeping my legs used to pounding the pavement. This whole thing is just blip on the radar a very small set back if it can even be called that.
Thankful Three:
  1. For new opportunities.
  2. For lessons in needing to take care of myself.
  3. For a light weekend, much needed down time.