Slow and Steady

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Sampler: It's where I'm at

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

~William Shakespeare

My oh my, how time flies. I sat down over hot chocolate and a breakfast sandwich at Panera the other week. I composed a lovely post catching you all up on Duder turning 5, Bug being in a bug parade and me trying to survive my procrastination at work. Guess what, it didn't post. Do you know why? Because I wanted to add lots of cute pictures, then never came back to the post to add pictures. Story of my life these days. Great intentions, great half efforts and a whole lotta nothing accomplished.

Since that delightful non-post I have done some sports related things, as I am sure not everyone wants to hear about Chuckee Cheese and pre-school parades. I went to a Tri Club meeting for the first time in forever. It was body fat testing day and I am 4% higher than last year. Yucky. I went from Athlete range to Fit range which is still good considering I never run. I need to find some motivation to run, I plan to return to my strength routine next week which helps, but I really need the cardio back.

On Sunday October 14th I got my 3rd Nike Women's Marathon Tiffany's necklace. No I didn't train, yes I had people I could have run with, but my SIL was either going to walk it or not do it at all so I opted to walk it with her. It was a nice stroll through SF, but it wasn't the best weekend overall. Saturday didn't go as planned, I was a bit under the weather and 4 hours of walking, yup, it took us 4 hours, and my body was done. To make matters worse, my post race meal ended up be alone, bad service, cold food and I left my favorite Bondi Band at the restaurant. On the upside I got a pretty necklace and an impromptu Target trip with my BFF on my drive home from the city.

Since Sunday I got knocked on my A$$ by a sinus & ear infection and had to take two critical days off work. Oh well, it happens, but never happens to me. I don't take sick days... at least I didn't until this week. So back strength training will be easy, I have a plan, I have a trainer and I love the classes. Incorporating running back into the schedule is going to take some work. I love fall weather, but I don't love running alone all the time, treadmills are only ok for so long and where does one find the time? Yes I know the answer to the time bind, "just do it,"anyone can carve out 20 minutes etc... I am just not motivated to run in the morning and that is where my time is. I am going to look into some 5K and 10Ks this fall & winter, it is my favorite time to train and hopefully the events themselves will be enough. I may even try to rope someone in so I have that social aspect too. We'll see.

Why I Kick A$$: Not everyone can walk a hilly 13.1.
The Big Picture: My blog is about me, I'll try and keep it sporty, but if all you read about is pre-school parades, hey that is ok with me.
Thankful Three:
  1. For fun movies on TV today
  2. For babysitters, I get to go to a super fun 30th bday bash tonight
  3. For schedule girl time, looking forward to relaxing tomorrow with a girlfriend