Slow and Steady

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five: Because I couldn't just pick 1

Good for the body is the work of the body, 
good for the soul the work of the soul, 
and good for either the work of the other.  
~Henry David Thoreau

I love how so much time lapses between posts. I remember when I tried to post every day or every other, maybe 1x per week or strategically post on Monday's when everyone was plugging back it. The thing is I am lazy, I am the slacker that I claim to be, not always proud of it, but learning to accept it in many regards. Blogging is one of those things I am accepting. Like many of you I think of a new post every day, I flesh it out in my brain, get excited about it, but unlike most of the blogs I follow, I lack the follow through. Whether it be time constraints or the fact that I thought about it so much that I lost the energy to actually want to put the time in to type it up. I'll be maximizing this week's Friday Five by catching you up, as I do on the many things that have been going on since my last post. I'll attempt chronological order, but shit I probably won't be able to do that.

  1. So not too long ago, April 24th I went to a House Party! No, not that kind of party, it is concept born in the Another Mother Runner circle where two of my favorite running celebs, writers, bloggers, podcast makers and Runner's World contributing writers get a bunch of Badass Mother Runner's together to have community. Sure, for me that is mostly the Facebook posts they do daily or the emails, but hey, I dig it. AMR did a "House Party" in Sacramento, CA, but it was at the local fleet feet. It was so fun, there was a book reading, great shopping for both AMR stuff and discounted Fleet Feet stuff and lets not forget the food & drinks! I am so not a star struck person, but I couldn't resist getting a photo in. I ended up inviting a friend and my niece and we hit a trendy restaurant first, had dinner and drinks and then went to the event. I ordered a book and T-shirt and what luck, I received them the a week later even though they prepped me that it could take "several weeks." The timing couldn't have been more perfect, I had a shitty week and at the end of it I got my book, the next day my shirt and I got the smile I needed.
  2. I went to my doctor. I am gaining weight. I won't be dramatic and say that I am fat. In reflecting on blog posts, I think I talk about it too much and unnecessarily. I mean really, why does it take gaining weight to realize how good I had it. I remember working hard and getting to my happy weight and fitting in my size 10s with ease. I posted about getting tone, stronger and blah-blah-blah. Then I put on 5 pounds over reacted and went on a stupid 1200 cal diet and did the whole vegetarian, cut out fried food approach, with GUSTO I might add and gained another 5. GAINED! So I gave up for a few months. Really, the life I want to live is that of exercise, mostly good eating and comfort in my own skin and as a result clothes. Is that too much to ask? Anyway, I went to my doctor. He has some hunches, sent me for labs and will see me again on Monday to see if we can't figure out this weight gain, because remember that 5, well in a year and half it has turned into 15 to even 20 at times. I do admit I don't eat great, but I do workout and I do count calories. I have done the endocrinologist thing, registered dietician, caliper testing and hydrostatic body fat testing with BMR/RMR. I put in too much effort to struggle this much. My current doctor prescribed torture (only 3 weeks) is to eat less carbs. No he didn't say do Adkins or South Beach etc. He just asked what I normally ate, opened his eyes wide and picked his jaw up off the floor and said just eat less carbs. He said I am smart girl, track my food, eat less carbs and see me in three weeks for lab results and we'll go from there. HELLO I need more direction than that! So I am blindly, ok not blindly, I have scoured the internet, but basically with no real "plan"--I am eating less carbs. In 10 days have lost 10 pounds. I am not sure it is the less carbs or the fewer calories, but something is working. On the flip side, I have no idea where the 10 lbs. went, I don't look different, my clothes don't fit differently and it feels crazy to work this hard for scale results, but not feel it. P.S. I will never do this low carb long term. I have so much new found respect for those who HAVE to do low carb for their health conditions, this shit is hard! I find support by knowing I am not alone. Tonia over at Racing with Babes seems to be putting herself through the ringer with no positive results. In case it isn't obvious, I'm so not in her category of fitness, she is complete rock star, super committed and tough as nails, but sounds like she is having similar difficulties weight.
    Super Hubby makes the best low carb dinners, lettuce wraps
  3. I registered for Tough Mudder Tahoe Summer. My niece and nephew roped me in and I couldn't turn down an opportunity to bond, especially with fun physical fitness with my 23 and 21 years niece and nephew. I am just hoping to survive it.    
  4. The day after I signed up for Tough Mudder I found out I have to have surgery. Grrrr. I kinda new a surgery might be in my future, but it had been 3 months of monitoring my issue, I thought I would just be in perpetual monitoring mode. Um, not so much. It is fairly minor and if things go as planned it will be outpatient with only 2 weeks recovery. Since Tough Mudder is really a survival event, I don't need to worry about being fast, just being tough enough. Surgery sucks BTW. No it's not scheduled yet, but I am chomping at the bit to get it over with so I have enough time to recover for the summer event.
  5. Finally, you have suffered through the first 4 you can hang in there for the last one. It is my Mother's Day. Mexican Mother's day is May 10th every year. Each year it is better and better. I got cards from Super Hubby including a written reminder that I, if you can believe it,  I am the most beautiful woman he see's every day. He tells me every day I am beautiful and he knows I struggle with my current size 12 body image and am constantly striving for size 10. He tells me everyday, not kidding every-single-day that I am beautiful & sexy. I am an extremely lucky girl. He also paid attention  last week when I said I needed a fake plant to round out the decor in my office and got me the perfect one. My kids both drew pictures of me in the cards they gave me, gave me flowers, even daisies covered in spray glitter from my Bug. This morning I spent the day at Duder's school for Muffins with Mom. He didn't even noticed I passed on the muffins, he was just so excited I was there and could meet his BFFs mom so we could schedule summer playdates LOL Priorities. This afternoon, I will have a treat with my daughter at her school where I'll get pampered at a spa day. May I remind you that the Bug is 3 and pampered means, I will have crazy hair, purple eye shadow and 4 different kinds of polish on my finger nails. I know, sounds completely dreamy!! Here is how my daughter, who will ONLY wear dresses plays: by climbing the back stop at my son's T-ball game. The other picture is what happens when you leave your swim gear in the back seat, my crazy little Duder.
Why I Kick A$$: I am a mom!
The Big Picture: It's a 12. It is not the end of the world. We'll see what the dr. says Monday and once this surgery stuff is out of the way, I am seriously putting the MyFitnessPal away, hiding the scale and gonna try and live a body conscience free month. We'll start there. I'll go on perceived fitness, satiety for food and fit for clothes and just see if I can't do this with a less obsessive approach. Just an idea. We'll see after all these doctor appts are out of the way.
Thankful Three:
  1. Super Hubby
  2. Duder
  3. Bug