Slow and Steady

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Good Clothes & Patience

So I am a saver. Not quite a hoarder, but I certainly save more than I toss. Sometimes saving is good. For example, I did not take much vacation for 2 years so that I could have a long maternity leave using my saved sick and vacation time. Then there are the ridiculous things. I know I am not alone here when I say I save outfits. I'll want to wear a nice shirt and then decide the occasion is not worthy and I should save it for something better. This same shirt can go untouched in my closet for weeks. I know rationally that this shirt can be washed, but what if something great came up and it was in the laundry?

This same ridiculous logic has transcended going out clothes to workout clothes. Yes the girl who has trouble even working out consistently saves the "good" sports bras for the "good" workouts. I really must just make the events (going out or working out) all just be wonderful for what they are and worthy of the "good" outfits. The fact that I am going anywhere or working out at all should be occasion enough to be feel good in my good clothes.

Side Note:

I was sidelined (no pun intended) with a pulled tummy muscle. Really frustrating because I was on a workout roll and weight loss roll. I was very close to breaking the 200 lb mark. Tomorrow, I am going to try Spin Class, I feel like a week break is enough. Then again, I am notorious for being impatient. The reason I pulled a muscle in the first place is because I was doing too much too soon. Really, after a C-Section there is no reason to start ab specific workouts so early. Why didn't I listen to my Dr.? On the subject of patience, I have come to realize how much I have needed my workouts. I have been a grouch and completely lacked patience since I pulled my tummy muscle. I need to expend energy and maybe more importantly, get out of the house for me time...regularly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Race Report for 01/10/10

So the main part of this post will be my Race Report from Sunday's 10K. Since Sunday, I have taken Monday & Tuesday off. Monday was necessary, my quads and hamstrings were killing me. Tuesday, I just didn't get to it...actually I skipped my scheduled lunch time gym workout for fajitas with my husband. Sooooo YUMMY! Tonight (Wednesday-I'm typing after midnight) I went to the gym and did a nice 3.5 mile run. It felt really good and I am feeling relaxed as I get ready for hopefully a very good nights sleep.

So to catch you up to speed, I returned to work full time Monday. Goodness was I dreading it. My now 11 week old had been on a crazy sleep non-schedule and I was getting maybe 3 hours at a time, with a 2 hour wake up then another 2-3 hours. Sure 5-6 hours of sleep is enough to function on, but it sure is hard when it not even 5 hours straight. Well my little bug slept 5 hours straight on Sunday night bless her heart. This meant I was pretty fresh for work Monday. I dropped off my son who had a mommy don't leave crying fit at day care, then had to rush when dropping off my infant for her very first time with non-family care. I guess it was my good fortune because I didn't have time to cry. So this family friend who is watching my little bug completely rocked the party. She kept our bug awake and entertained all day so we got 8+ hours of sleep Monday night. Woo Hoo! Tuesday, REPEAT. Yeah Baby! So while there was a scheduled swim workout Wednesday morning, I skipped it. I truly am coming to understand the value of sleep. That swim workout I missed is available every MON-WED-FRI. Who knows how long this great sleep schedule will last, I need to get caught up while I can.

RACE REPORT 01/10/10 CAL 10K

Pre-Race training:
2 miles roughly every other day with a nice session of Bowling as cross-training the night before. Note to self, get some sleep before a run. Bowling until 11PM almost convinced me to skip the run when I woke up Sunday.
Pre-Race meal:
Night before: 3 Blue Moon Belgian White beers, a philly cheese steak, fries, mozzarella cheese sticks and a shot called a Peanut Butter Jelly Shot. Tasted like a grape jolly rancher. I'm supposed to carbo load right?!
Morning of race:
Woke up and pumped (I am a nursing mom, you can't run with full jugs... just not a good idea)
Ate a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and drank about 6 oz of water
I arrived about 25 minutes early (small race) warmed up by running to check-in and running back to the start about 1/4 mile (total)
Race started at 9:00. It was a flat course on rural roads. My goal was just to finish, I fully anticipated walking since it is my first run post-pardum. I started the GPS on my iPhone and plugged in one ear piece for some tunes and hit the road. I found myself coaching myself each mile marker to try and run without stopping. At the 3-mile marker I looked at my iPhone and it said I was at 38 minutes running a 13 minute mile pace. Sure enough I made it to mile 5 still running. At this point I seriously considered giving up and walking. Then, at the 1/2 mile to the finish mark I again thought about walking. Mentally I knew if I made it 5 1/2 miles, I could finish the full 6.2, but still the thought of walking was still on my mind. As I approached the finish I saw that the clock read 1:14:00. I had hope to come as close to 1:20 as possible and expected to go over even that number. I picked up the pace and finished at 1:14:46. I stopped the GPS on my iPhone and it read 5+ miles. This is a track and field certified course, so I know my phone is off and my 2 mile training runs were probably a little off, as well as my pace. I was clocking 13 minute miles coming into the race and ended up running a 12 minute mile pace.

There was a 10 mile main event and had a field of 192. I was only in the 10K. There were 62 people that showed up for the 10K, 33 were women. I was 26 out of 33 women. There were 6 in my age group 30-34 and I placed 3rd in my group. Overall I placed 52 out of 62. Hey, not being last is a major accomplishment. There are no awards for placing, just long sleeve T-Shirts for those who break 55 minutes. Not sure I'll ever get that fast.

I asked to sit with two women at the free brunch, as I had gone alone. Usually when I am alone I don't linger afterward, but today I wanted to make friends. I sat with a girl, 35, who had a PR and broke 55 minutes. Oddly, she was impressed with me for running so soon after pregnancy. Strange how each of us see accomplishments.

What's next? I'm looking for a few runs in February, but I am signing up for a half marathon in March, the Shamrock'n. Nothing like green beer after a race. I also got my Run Less Run Faster book in the mail yesterday so I am looking forward to that too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Missed Opportunities. Oh well!

Missed Opportunities and how I handle them? Food and regret:) Sounds depressing I know, but I am fairly sure I am not alone on this one. Here's a recap of my week and how I plan on turning it around today. Yup, 8 days into the New Year and I have already been faced with some challenges. In my defense I am coming off 10 weeks of maternity leave and am trying to balance going back to being a working & nursing mom, with trying to get back to a more athletic and healthy self.

I hadn't noticed the concept of missed opportunities, until my husband pointed it out. If something doesn't go as planned, instead of rolling with it or changing it up, I tend to deem it a missed opportunity and beat myself up about not making better decisions. The truth is, these "missed opportunities" are just life. Many of the events are so insignificant you will laugh that I am even hard on myself for them. Just read Wednesday's traffic situation later in this post. I mean really, could I have predicted traffic? Nope, but I found a way to be upset at myself for skipping the gym and getting stuck in traffic.... like it was a Karma thing or something. Life is about choices and this year I hope I can improve how I deal with the consequences of my decisions no matter how insignificant the repercussion. Think, "don't sweat the small stuff" as a theme. I think, "oh well" might be my new motto so I can just move on. Thoughts?

So I skipped Sunday's 5K so run with a friend who then flaked on me. Did I run on my own? Nope. Did I have the time and my husband to watch the kids? Yup. Missed Opportunity.

I ran Monday so I didn't feel guilty about not running on Sunday. I figure every other day is still a good effort. Positive attitude right!

Tuesday, Woo Hoo, Big Day. I joined Delta Tri Club. I signed up and am excited to have a network of people who like to TRI. I am no where near the caliber of some of the folks in the group, but they have a mentoring program I am going to sign up for. I could use all the motivation I can get. There is a Master's swim coach on the team and he coaches early morning swims on Monday, Wednesday & Friday's. I had planned to go on Wednesday morning, but my son was up with a stomach bug. I chose to catch some Z's. Miss Opportunity for exercise, but much needed opportunity to sleep. I hate that I am in a position to have to choose right now. Why can't I have sleep and exercise? I guess I can, I just need to budget my time better and get used to this mommy of 2 thing. Give me some time.

Wednesday. This is my every other day to run day. I planned to go to the gym straight after work, but missed my family and decided to head home & have dinner with them, then work out later. Bad decision. There was an accident on the freeway and my 20 minute commute turned into an hour. That was time I could have been in the gym if I had stuck to my plan. I was just done by the time night time rolled around and didn't go to the gym later either. That means 2-days in a row off and I am totally not ready for my 10K Sunday . Miss opportunity.

Thursday. I eat. I eat and I eat some more. Peanut Butter Chocolate chip cookies anyone? How about lasagna and garlic bread. I was feeling pretty low and got myself off the couch around 10PM and hit the gym. While I am glad I went, I had no real energy because I fueled my body with junk food all day. I spent an icky hour on the treadmill and had nothing left for weights. When I got home at 11:30 PM my husband volunteered for baby duty so I could get some sleep and hit the 5:30 am swim. After a shower and nursing my beautiful baby girl I don't get to bed until 1:00 am. Yikes, I am not sure 4 hours of sleep is going to cut it.

TODAY-FRIDAY At 4:45 am I hear my hubby in the kitchen. He has not slept all night and is making me a breakfast of champions for my swim endeavor. I feel completely lame that I am too tired to go especially because he did something so thoughtful and encouraging. He has to work in 3 hours and my little one is still awake so I stay up with her so he can get in a couple hours of sleep.

I think today is a good motivation day. I actually got online to buy the new sports bras I have been talking about. Downside, they are discontinued. I should have bought them when I found them, but was afraid of spending the cash. Missed Opportunity. Good news, I found some online that might work and ordered them. Free Shipping! As for the food situation, I really need to get that under control, so I have signed up for the Online version of Weight Watchers. Wish me luck. It has worked for me in the past when I have gone to meetings. This is the first time I'll be online only. Yup, accountable to no one but myself and my loyal readers...the two of you out there so far :)

Have a great Friday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Canine Speed Coach

So this New Year's thing is really supposed to get people motivated. I am still working on that. I was excited to maybe hit the gym yesterday. Didn't happen. My family & I decided to head up to the hills after a family party. Hills=Great workout right? Nope, but I did pack my workout clothes so I did have good intentions. I had a great time with family eating way too much food so I chalked it up to a rest day.

Today, again big ideas about running in the hills. Again, didn't happen. We came home early so I thought for sure I could hit the gym. Nope. But do not fret friendly readers it is only day 2 of the New Year and I have not fallen off the wagon yet. My trusty canine companion and I took a little jaunt up to the University and back. I am glad I got out, but am not sure how I am going to go from 13 minute miles back down to 10 minute miles. Ideally I'll break that 10 minute mark sometime in 2010, even if it is just for a local 5K.

Tomorrow there is a 5K at the state capital. I feel like I should run it as a source of motivation and feeling of accomplishment. The other part of me wants to save the $30 and the drive and just do a run on my own. Especially since I am clocking a 13 minute pace. I actually have a partner lined up for a 10am 'ish run, so maybe instead of feeling like I failed by not heading to the race I will still feel accomplished by still running with a friend. What to do? What to do?

While I love human interaction, I really do need to embrace the canine companion angle. I read about it all the time, people love running with their dogs. There's the whole reliability thing, I mean what else does my dog have planned? The unconditional love, e.g. I can skip walking her and she still loves me. Finally there is that built in speed coach. I am trucking along at 13 minutes a mile, my dog is not phased by this pace and I am confident she will encourage me to get my time down. So why don't I get out on the roads early and often? Well I am working on the early bird thing and as for often, yeah I am working on that too. Mark a star on the calendar folks because Elaine "Lainey" and I got our run in today, just wish us luck on making it a daily thing. Just so my other dog does not feel neglected, stay tuned for runs with Arthur. While he is not built for speed (good thing, cause I'm not fast) he is that trusty dog who will chug along on days when I need to run, but could do without Lainey's energetic vibes.