Slow and Steady

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Five: Happy

There are two mistakes one can make 
along the road to truth... not going all the way, 
and not starting.

I come I go and I am not sure what direction things are going at the moment, but his quote resonated with me so without further delay, my Friday Five:
  1. We moved into our home 8-years ago and we still don't have window treaments on a couple of windows. We did some decorating, but didn't "go all the way." We are finally working towards fixing that. Once we do, I'll consider some before and after pictures.
  2. Last year we added an accent color to one of the walls in our bedroom and I have hated it almost that entire year. Today for $35 and 45 minutes we finally changed it. What a relief. It is amazing how draining simple dislikes can have when you face them every day. Word of advice to myself, if you don't like it and you can fix it, do it. Start and go all the way. All the way for us will be to add the right light switch plates, change our bedding and get a new dresser.
  3. In the last several weeks I have started working out a bit again. Feels good, no pressure. I have in that time also completed a 10K and while I had to walk, it wasn't my slowest time either. I am registered for a half marathon in March and will ease through the rest of the year and start my official training program come January.
  4. I am coaching again and I am elated. I have the privilege of leading a great group of junior high girls through a season of parks and recreation basketball. We have the full spectrum of abilities, but they are working really cohesively already. Our first game is Tuesday and I am totally stoked. The pure joy I feel when I coaching is pretty amazing. I am so thankful for my cousin and his wife for asking me to help coach their daughter, I am having a great time.
  5. Thanksgiving was delightful and while I won't spend time regurgitating all the details, I will say I am a lucky girl to have such a loving family. I was apprehensive as I am every year about sharing the day with my immediate family and then heading to my in-laws, this year was so stress free and I am thankful me, but more importantly for my kids that they have the opportunity to be with both of their amazing and loving families for Thanksgiving.
Why I Kick A$$: I have turned into quite the bread maker.... Tortuga-Runner is going domestic!
The Big Picture: Sometimes there is a fine line between compromising time with my family and sharing time with my extended family. It is stressful to maintain balance, but in the grand scheme of things it is so worth it to have the opportunity to live close enough to share time and spend time with family when so many are not afforded this luxury.
Thankful Three:
  1. For my husbands capable hands and my newly painted accent wall.
  2. For our uncle hosting a beautiful meal tonight and sharing his table with all of us.
  3. For my brilliant children, watching them learn and grow especially these last few months has been really cool. They are both becoming more and more articulate and they are just down right cool people to be around.