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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Summary: San Francisco

"San Francisco has only one drawback. 
''Tis hard to leave"
Rudyard Kipling

Last night was a fun night. I was invited to my BFF's for a Mary Kay party she offered to host for a friend of hers. I just switched to Mary Kay recently for my face wash, face lotion and foundation. Having used it for a couple months I decided I wanted the face powder too. I am not really a make-up kind of girl, but my job almost requires that I look a little more polished than my preferred au natural. I am not sure the product is so wonderful that I have had less break outs or the fact that I am just plain old washing my face more consistently that is contributing to less teenage like skin so not full on endorsements from me yet.

Any how, since my BFF lives half way between my place at San Francisco, I stayed the night so we could get a head start today for the city. Our objective? Down time with lots of dim sum on the menu. We arrived at the Powell St. BART station, walked to China town, did a little window shopping and also got our kiddos a little present.
I got a lovely bracelet then we headed to Pacific St. to New Asia for some delicious dim sum. My pictures don't do it justice, but we got Chinese broccoli, chow fun, shumai and shrimp balls. Yeah, don't know a nicer term to describe that one. All this was only $24 and we couldn't even finish.
Then is was off to Little Italy. I had hoped for some more binge eating, but my friend was still completely stuffed so no tiramisu and cappuccinos at an outdoor cafe. Bummer. We walked around North Beach Park then headed straight up hill to Coit tower since neither of us had ever been. Then we made our way back through Little Italy to Union Square where we window shopped at Victoria Secret, Merrill, Macy's and then got some shoes at DSW before browsing through Marshall's. I probably could have been a trooper to hit GAP, but we both had some tired achy feet and decided to stop at the Westfield Mall for some sweets before heading home.

Picture is 1 of the 6 mini Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies I got, a peanut butter cookie half dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered bacon, fleur d'sel caramel, chocolate covered honeycomb and a pecan cluster. I also had a black licorice not pictured and a slice of pizza for the road.
Why I Kick A$$: Because I was dubbed by my BFF's 3 year old to be princess for having purple nail polish.
Thankful Three
  1. Friends
  2. Chocolate
  3. Dim Sum


Jamoosh said...

Awesome! I love me some San Francisco.

Molly said...

Oh MY! what a great day!