Slow and Steady

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Five: 9.5 weeks to Nike Women's Marathon

Planning is bring the future into the present 
so that you can do something about it now.
~Alan Lakein
  1. I am struggling with time management for exercise and this week struggling with time management at work. Contributing factors? There are two. The first is my Stupid Outlook eMail box which was possessed by the devil, duplicated my inbox and relocated it permanently to my personal folders and created a new secondary inbox and I had two mailboxes. I lost an assignment in the first inbox which will heretofore be referred to as the abyss. I never lose track of assignments. NEVER. The second thing that happened was I decided to take a week off from work. I came back to 400+ new emails. Literally 400+. By the time I got through them all I was already behind on those emails and even further behind on the new incoming. ugh. I think I my head is back above water in that arena.
  2. I go to bed too late. When I go to bed late I can't get up early and I am currently not willing to sacrifice family time in the evenings to do it. I could decide to workout after the kids bed time since I am up so late, but to that I will admit I am just too lazy to pack up and go to the gym and running at night alone is no longer safe. When I say "no longer safe," it probably never was.
  3. I haven't caught up on all the GBBPX reads, but I am working on it. I have found lots of new blogs that totally speak to me. I will "follow soon," just hard since I have been doing most of my reading on my iPhone while I wait in the Starbucks drive-thru or during break at work.
  4. Nike Women's Marathon is 9.5 weeks away. I have honestly thought about bailing, but I think that admitting to that today would crush my self esteem. So the other day I reworked my training plan and have something I can live with. It'll get me across the finish line, but I won't be breaking any records. It'll only get me one 18 mile run at it's peak which honestly is longer than my longest training run for last years Nike Marathon. I'll need to cross train A LOT to ensure I stay injury free and strong enough to endure the distance with good form.
  5. I think I am in need of a cupcake day. I really love one or two cupcakes, but I am a total box mix girl so I end up making way too many. How am I gonna lose weight eating cupcakes you ask? Well don't ask, LOL. Actually in all my inconsistency my weight hasn't really fluctuated, but my fitness level is not great and my clothes feel snug. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I am making cupcakes this weekend.
Why I Kick A$$: I raise kids to know who they are and to be proud of themselves and their identities. Remember folks, they are 3 and 1.5--#BeamingWithPride
Thankful Three:
  1. For my family
  2. For having a job
  3. For my health


P said...

I've crossed a finish line with only an 18-miler in me. You can TOTALLY do this! Especially with all that cupcake power! I'm so craving cupcakes right now, you have no idea.

Julie said...

I really liked that quote at the top of this post!

Enjoy your cupcakes!! YUM!