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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Turn Around: Pole Dancing

We fail more often by timidity 
than by over-daring. 
~David Grayson

Wednesday HUMP day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. This week I am lucky enough to only have to work for 4 days because of Monday's July 4th Holiday. So what's new?

Saturday: 10 mile run, totally bonked. I had company for miles 2-6 and at mile 6 was totally crusted in salt. Ridiculously dehydrated, how does it get to 75 degrees by 9AM? I swung by my house for some coconut water then kept going and was doing pretty good until mile 8 when I was totally done. I stopped by home again (benefit of running in my neighborhood) and my husband immediately noticed the look of failure in my face. When I asked if he and the kids would help me finish 2 more miles, he didn't even hesitate. Sure there was a short stoppage as we buckled the kids in the stroller, but my feet covered the miles and that is all that matters. P.S. my feet and legs were so sore the rest of the day, boo! 10 miles used to be so easy.
Sunday: Got a date night with the hubby and saw Bad Teacher. OMG that movie was so freak'n funny. Would definitely see it again.
Monday:  Super fun day! Nice easy swim practice at 5:30AM, 8:00 Kids Run where my 3 year old scored a new running medal, ahem, Gold Medal. These races are so cute. There was a free 2 or 4 miler. I opted for 2 and ran it hard. Well, hard for pushing a jogging stroller with 40 pounds in it. I am going to go ahead and call 10.5 mile miles awesome for me.

Just when you didn't think Monday could get any better, I took a "vertical fitness" class. You might know it at pole dancing. There was no actual dancing and I am pretty sure, while there was a pole, nothing was sexy about what I was doing. I have a new found respect for pole dancers. I am too heavy, do not have strong enough upper body strength and there is just something unsexy about my lack of grace. I did manage to pull myself up int an upside down thing. Way cool!

Ok, I am going to skip Tuesday's goings on here because I want to put a little more thought into my post on my Tri Club meeting last night and my new numbers, Body Fat Percentage numbers that is. Very interesting stuff.

Why I Kick A$$: I actually registered for my first TRI of the season. Finally! It's only a sprint, but it's a start.
Thankful Three
  1. Kids races
  2. Pole classes
  3. Emerald Nuts Sweet and Salty Chocolate/Peanut butter


XLMIC said...

Super impressed by your pole dancing! You got upside down and didn't fall and hurt yourself :) huge thumbs up!

carla said...

I SO SO SO wanna try the pole dancing classes here too!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you are doing a tri!!! I really really REALLY want to do one. I have to get a bike first...

P said...

I could never, ever, EVER even imagine getting myself into that upside down position - you rock! And congrats on signing up for the sprint!!! This weekend, or the one in August??

Christi said...

The fam and I went and saw Bad Teacher and it was hysterical. Loved it!

Congrats on signing up for your tri. I hope you have a great time!

Kris said...

Great job on finishing your 10! I am going to try the cocunut water next time I am at Trader Joe's.
Pole dancing, awesome! I am not brave enough to try it.

Tortuga_Runner said...

@P I am doing the July sprint, my schedule in August is too unpredictable so I am hesitant to register for anything.