Slow and Steady

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five:

Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, 
to intoxicate thyself, to make love, 
and to celebrate the good days.
~Egyptian Proverb

Ok, it's been a beer week for me. A little Summerfest goes a long way and so does Red Stripe for that matter. While I was disappointed in my 5 pound weight gain over the birthday weekend, I have not been motivated to totally get back on track with calorie counting. The good news? A little beer, chili colorado, pizza, taquitos and Jack in the Box this week has not exacerbated the issue, this morning I was not up the 5 pounds I was on Monday, I was only up 1.5 pounds and that is totally manageable. While my eating and exercising hasn't been perfect I am celebrating the "good days" and today was a good day. Now on to the Friday Five:
  1. I have not gone to a swim workout all week. I have been staying up too late and not able to get up early enough to swim. Not the end of the world, but I love it so much ...why is it so hard to convince myself I don't really need the extra sleep in the AM. A good swim workout goes a lot farther for my day than 1 hour of sleep.
  2. Running. Ah, I love running and I got to have a change of scenery Thursday when we started from my running partners place instead of mine. Perfect.
  3. Work, yeah, um???? I bought ice cream for the staff today. I think ice cream Friday's needs to be a summer trend...could get expensive though. Gasp, could even get boring for people? Nah, ice cream is always awesome.
  4. Tomorrow I have got 10 on the schedule. Here is where social media comes in to save the day. I posted to Facebook that I was doing 10 miles, long and slow (11-11:30 min miles) and while I didn't get a taker for all 10, but a fellow Delta Tri Club member happens to be in my neighborhood tomorrow and is going cover 5 with me. Seriously, this totally makes my day. Thanks in advance KA.
  5. I got the best text today. My BFF texted and invited me on a lady overnight date in SF soon. We're working out details, but I am already so super excited, great city, great food, great friendship--it's going to be super-fantastic.
Why I Kick A$$: Because even when I eat fattening food I kinda lose weight. Remember Monday I was up 5 pounds and now I am only up 1.5 AND I have been eating whatever I want.

Thankful Three
  1. For tot t-ball, super cute
  2. For Coconut water
  3. For my new Runner's World magazine (makes everyday a good day)


    P said...

    Oh, I am all about Ice Cream Fridays!! :)

    AmandaB said...

    I also bought ice cream for my staff (a lot less expensive for me with my tiny staff), and was toying with the idea of Ice Cream Friday's, at least for July, which, naturally, is Ice Cream Month! :-)

    Jamoosh said...

    Ahhhh, Summerfest! May very well be the perfect beer on a scorching summer day!