Slow and Steady

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Summary: Faults

How few there are who 
have courage enough to own their faults, 
or resolution enough to mend them.
~Benjamin Franklin
I am a ridiculous procrastinator. My dream day Friday which was supposed to include a trip the post office...well yeah about that. It was 3 gifts not 2 and I totally didn't make it. I laid in bed too long, my eye exam took too long, picking up my bike at the shop took too long and suddenly Friday was over. I will remind you that one of the gifts I purchased back in March. I have the best of intentions, but I do a few things:
  1. I do later (or not) what could be done now
  2. I completely underestimate the amount of time it is going to take me to do things
  3. I underestimate the importance of certain tasks or overestimate others
  4. Tunnel vision once I have ignored something, I cease to see it/Out of sight out of mind
Ok so how does this manifest itself besides my post office debacle? Let's see, if I am not particularly feeling like working out at 5:30 AM, which has been determined to be the golden workout hour, I'll tell myself I can do it after work, after dinner or after the kids go to bed. Um, yeah, doesn't usually happen. Or I'll tell myself I can run errands and get my workout in, and inevitably errands take longer than expected. I underestimate my daily mileage and worry less about missing a 3 or 5 miler and try not to miss my long runs. This is a delightful recipe for injury due to improper training. Tunnel vision? Yeah, try carrying a gift in your trunk, I focus on the rest of my day and ignore the gift that I carry daily but don't see.

Clutter Bug 
My house is neat. It appears orderly. DO NOT open any drawers, cabinets or closets. I have more jackets than I need, school supplies (no one is really in school right now), books, toes, instruction manuals for things I probably don't even own any more. I have this ridiculous thought that everything I don't want anymore someone else might so I'd better just hold on to it until I meet that somebody who wants my first set of dishes, or a matching set of 4 vases that they can probably just get for a $1 at Big Lots, ooh or hey, there's that bucket of yarn and crochet hooks from the year I thought I was going to commit to making scarves, blankets and hats for everyone I know. We are not garage selling people, buying? Maybe? Craigs List? The same thing. We annually purge clothing, but more continues to reappear. It is not the big stuff we I have problems with, it is the knick knacky crap I have in junk drawer(s).

Ok I have outted myself, these are my faults at home, not super positive energy being thrown out there, but this is what I am feeling today. The good news is I think I might actually talk to a professional organizer. I need to do this for me. My hubby is perfectly happy throwing everything away and truthfully? I probably wouldn't even notice most things are gone. I mean I would notice the empty space, but not miss the contents. So why is it so hard to throw things away? Just because I guess. A shrink would probably blame my parents, so I am going to go with that.

Why I Kick A$$: See's Chocolate & Stranahan's Small Batch Whiskey while blogging.... after an hour of winding down with my hubby and kids looking at Topo Maps and listening to a little Louie, Ella and Billie...there might have been a few slow dances with my little ones too. Super groovy night!

Thankful Three
  1. For Pirate Themed Birthday parties
  2. For couch time chatting with good friends
  3. For my leisurely three day weekend


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I totally took some pictures yesterday of my "clean" house but then also took pics of what lurks in the drawers and cabinets. Hah!

Christi said...

My son leaves very soon and I can't wait to dismantle the frat house that he created. I will once again be in control!

Chris K said...

Thanks of for link for running in Jenner. I cannot wait to get back to No Cal. BTW, I think I told you, but my Mom was born in Fresno. I get you read East of Eden too. If not, you should. Awesome. Classic.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Your blog name is Tales of an Ambitious Slacker after all. You're just reinforcing it.