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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Turn Around: Refocused and Re-Energized

A person who aims at nothing 
is sure to hit it.

Wednesday HUMP day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. So now what you have all been waiting for (drum roll......) enough whining about how I don't have a plan, I NOW HAVE A PLAN! After almost 3 weeks of no running and only sporadic cross training, I have a plan. Last night I did some CORE, today I hope to run and tomorrow I have a 6AM date to run bleacher steps at a local university stadium. I am getting back into it and I am excited. My problem last training cycle was that I didn't plan adequate rest post "A race" and I did not have any overlapping goals to carry me past the PR I secured with my A race. My flame burned out. Like finishing at good book I was left kind of sad and without direction. I have learned after many a finished book that I need to have my next book planned and purchased well before I finish my current book. Most times I am reading multiple books at one time. I plan on applying the same philosophy. I am in the process of setting a progression of more immediate goals and also having an larger over arching goal.

Last night I attended my local TRI Club meeting. The topic? Goal setting and race season planning. P-E-R-F-E-C-T timing. I have decided I am going to commit to Master's swim and go 3 days a week from 5:30-6:30 am. YUP, it's kinda early, but it is the only way I can make the time commitment without affecting my family time. I will have to make some adjustments and go to bed earlier to ensure I am getting enough sleep, but it is better than the alternative...doing nothing. For 3 weeks I have been aiming at nothing and hitting that target every time. One of our teammates talked about only focusing on 2 weeks of training at a time. Life happens. Have a template and do your best, but re-evaluate every couple weeks to make sure the plan continues to be appropriate and modify accordingly. My current plan is 6 weeks culminates with a 1/2 marathon in May... I think. I haven't registered, but that is the plan I am working on today. I will plan to take at least 1 week off after the event to recuperate and get a massage. During my rest week I will not plan my next training cycle because I will already have the next one drafted and ready for evaluation and fine tuning. I feel ready, I am a little concerned that I am going back to 5-7 days of working out, but this time I will try and give myself a break when I need one and not fault myself for doing so. I don't want to burn out, but I am happiest when I am feeling healthy and strong. I think my give will be dropping 1 swim workout a week and building in more rest days for the higher mileage weeks. I like the idea of checking in every 2 weeks to make sure the plan continues to fit.

Why I Kick A$$: For figuring out how to get back on track. This is kick ass worthy people, I was in a funk. Now funks rest will be planned.
Thankful Three
  1. My daughter's minor eye surgery this AM went well
  2. For cute kids hospital gowns that expose tiny little tushies
  3. For my tall non-fat zebra hot chocolate form Starbucks


Christi said...

Yay, for coming up with a plan. I know that feels good because I always feel better when I have a plan.

I am glad your daughter's surgery went well and the picture is adorable.

Have a great week and enjoy Masters' Swim!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

amen sister we need plans!! i was all excited to do three months of cross training, but had no idea what that meant for me. so now I've got it down and also have a plan to start my marathon training when this is done

AmandaB said...

This picture made my morning and got me through a stressful, challenging day today! Glad everything went well! :-)

P said...

Glad your kiddo is okay - even minor surgeries are scary!
I almost always find myself working out my next plan while I'm tapering for a race. It gives me something to look forward to and distracts me a little from taper madness.