Slow and Steady

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Sampler: 2 weeks

What wild imaginations one forms 
where dear self is concerned! 
How sure to be mistaken!
~Jane Austen

Gosh, it is amazing what 2 weeks can do. I mean I hear all the Special K commercials or the Adkins start where people stop eating carbs and see a difference in just 2 weeks. Well I am not exactly talking about my weight here, although it is a factor. For 2.5 weeks I have not run. I had a great excuse the first week, I was hurting. I rested, but I didn't rehab. I wrote a post about it recently. Since identifying the fact that I have not been stretching to rehab, do you think I have turned it around? Nope. So back to what 2 weeks can do. It can do great diet things apparently, but it can also tear you down. In 2 weeks I feel 20 pounds heavier even though the scale and scarcely moved. In 2 weeks I went from confident 1/2 marathoner to depressed couch potato. How does this happen? Good thing I got my Runner's World today, I need a little print inspiration.

With the blah blah blah about 2 weeks, I know that I can get back on track in just 2 weeks! Do I sound like an info-merical? I just need to decide what returning to working out is going to look like. My aim is to:
  • not burn myself out
  • be consistent
  • build in plenty of stretching
  • slowly start multisport training
I am not a high mileage runner, but get a little burnt out by so much going on in my schedule. I am actually a little nervous about my TRI training. I haven't started yet, but April is my month to do so. Multisport hasn't really been my focus in the past. I'll usually get in a few rides, a few pool work outs and rely almost solely on running as my base for triathlons.

Other things going on...
 This is my 1 year old drinking out of the spigot we have installed for our dogs to use. Kinda cute in a gross way.
This is my new treat. I read about it in Oprah Magazine. It caught my eye at Safeway today with the "new item" tag. I am a cheese monger and pretty much treat myself to a new cheese or favorite cheese once a month. I love the label on this, it is being marketed as a breakfast cheese and substitute for cream cheese. I dig it. So I bought mini-bagels to give it whirl with. What I love is the owner of this company made a drastic change from software company job to cheese lady. I love it! I feel like I need to do something drastic, but what? I don't know. Take few weeks off work? Vacation? I love my job, but I even looked at what jobs are out there. I am not cutting or coloring my hair, been there, been traumatized by that:(

What is a fun drastic something you have done recently?

Why I Kick A$$: I completely rocked backyard clean up. Score: Me 1, Leaf Pile 0
Thankful Three
  1. A lovely overcast day outside with my little ones
  2. New fig flavored chevre cheese
  3. Zoboomafoo


2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Sounds like you needed a break from running, but maybe burning fewer calories cancelled out the fewer carbs consumed as far as weight loss. Enjoy that Runner's World, I don't think I've got the latest in the mail yet.

Kris said...

A running break was probably needed, you needed a little recovery time.
I have a few dvds or downloads that are short and sweet but have enough intensity to put me in a better mood.
I hear ya about changing things up, I decided to change the house up a bit though. Going to do some painting and furniture rearranging as soon as we finish fixing the plaster.
Have a good week!