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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hurts So Good

I feel old.

I was invited for a girls night out. I forewarned them it would be an early night because I had a 1.5 hr drive to my run in the morning...already the fuddy duddy. We started at BJ's for dinner at 8:00, but I had already eaten dinner at 6:00 with my family, because I am old. While the group had dinner and foofy drinks, I had a couple beers, fries & dessert. To my credit, I drank Jerry Bursts, which is a beer & berry cider blend, kinda foofy. After dinner was supposed to be bar hoping time...great. I don't mind going to a bar, but bar hoping? Lets pick one place & kick it old school... I'm not much of a dancer anyway. Any how, I couldn't get into it and was home by 11:30, just enough time to get 5 hrs sleep before my run. Did I mention I am old?

  • Run. (Race report below)
  • Belated Bday party for my rock star cousin who is kicking cancers ass. She couldn't do a bday party back in December because of radiation. She looked great! She's still in high school and usually kids who face big challenges loose their youthfulness. I was so relieve to see her in age appropriate spirits. A true credit to her strength and her family's support.
  • Disney on ice. Great tickets acquired because of a friends unfortunate circumstance forced her to ditch them. *Disney On Ice characters seriously got a Beatles like reception from an arena full of children. Totally surreal?! The Duder (my son) hasn't even seen the cartoons represented in the show, but he had fun. We only stayed for the first half to keep up the bed time schedule.
  • By 9:00 I had bonked. Literally, could not stay awake to save my life... or more importantly nurse my 3 month old to sleep. Took some hubby intervention. I need to start sleeping more.
  • Didn't sleep well. 
  • Stopped at the office to finish a few things, I really need to skip work on the weekends.
  • Stopped at Bass Pro for my hubby, they had lite up firefly crocs for my son, couldn't quite bring myself to spend $30 on them though.
  • Went to my nephew's bday party, got him a sweet ass Addidas outfit, total Beastie Boys uniform and only $15 bucks from Costco.
  • Highlight: Hubby made delicious Tri-Tip sandwiches. OMG sooo good.
When did weekends turn into sleep schedules, running errands and never ending bday parties? Every weekend there seems to be a party or an event that requires our attendance. I hate feeling pressured into a schedule. I like to schedule don't get me wrong, I just don't like other people or events dictating my schedule. I never seem to be able to fit in my me time with out cutting into something else like family or sleep.

Ok, enough about old. And more about being lazy. The laptop making me into a couch potato idea has come to true. I should blog more and do my social networking crap, but instead I am completely hooked on Dexter, a TV show about a serial killer. I literally wake up and watch it while pumping for my baby in the morning. Then I find myself eager to watch once the kids are in bed. It helps that I have never seen the show so my online netflix allows me to jump right in with the first episode. I am already most of the way through season 2. I need a new show since this is LOSTS last season and once again I didn't get the answers I was promised. I did however develop more questions. Dang it.

Ok, so here's the race report:

Friday Night:
You saw my pre-race meal: Beer, Fries and cookie & ice cream pazooki from BJ's.

Saturday Morning:

  • Ate one of my oatmeal concoctions & I drank about 12 oz of water on the drive to Marin. 
  • Picked up my cousin RA and got to the race about 1 minute before they started. I still had to put shoes on, so RA went and grabbed our numbers. 
  • We started about 3 minutes behind everyone else. 
  • The first mile had an elevation gain of about 1000 ft. It was a pretty steady climb, but I was so out of shape I had no lung capacity to run it. Hell of a hike though. 
  • Once we hit the top there were some nice flats, wicked down hills and a few subtle climbs. The finish was an easy straight away. We definitely should of signed up for the longer distance. When we finished, I felt like I was ready to get started. During the run I was getting the worst side stitches. Mile 2-3 was the worst and the remaining mileage was dull and aching. Partly this has to do with being out of shape and partly with the lack of support my sports bra give me during the  jostling downhills.
  • Finishing time was not so important this time around, but for inquiring minds is was about an 1:14 minutes. While it was a 5 mile race, I would guess realistically we spent at least 20 minutes hiking the first mile.
  • We wrapped things up with a lower leg dip in the ocean. Nothing like ice cold water to speed recovery. I knelt down to give my knees a cold session and got complete drenched in a wave. Good times.
  • Post race meal: Spinach and Jack Cheese omlet, rye toast and way to many bites of the shared blueberry pancakes. Will definitely hit that breakfast place next month when I go back to Marin for a 20K.
Sunday the aching, throbbing muscle soreness was amazing. I actually didn't want to run because it felt so good. Every muscle in my feet got a work out from the technical portions of the course. The muscles between my ankle and calves all the way around were tender. I know being a weekend warrior isn't a good thing, especially if I want to improve my racing abilities, but it sure does feel awesome to recover. The pain seriously hurts so good:)

Tomorrow, I am ready for a double....kind of. I will be running in an event that offers a 1 mile run at 8:30 and an 8K at 9:00. For $5.00 extra you can sign up for both. I am gonna try and go for it during the 1 mile to see how I do, then join a friend for an easy 8K. Then I am up for more pain... in a good way, get your minds out of the gutter folks. I am getting a deep tissue massage tomorrow afternoon as a treat.

Still feeling old, but I love my little painful, sore and throbbing moments of feeling young because I run. I actually have the "Hurts so Good" song stuck in my head. Come on baby make it hurt so good, some times love don't feel like should so baby, hurt so good." I have no idea if these are the actual lyrics, but they are the ones I sing and thats what's important.



Have fun with the 1 mile and then hopefully 8K! And seriously enjoy that massage lucky girl! Have a good weekend!

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