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Monday, March 1, 2010

You snooze, you lose.

OK so let's talk about some good stuff before I share how much of a procrastinator I am. Wednesday was pretty close to a dream day. I knew I had to be at work until maybe midnight. So instead of working a 12+ hour day I decided to go into work as late as possible. So I woke up as usual around 6:00, pumped for the Bug, got into my workout attire, dropped off the Bug & the Duder at their respective day care sites and went to an appointment with my trainer. No I did not show up on time, yes she still worked me out for an hour. Thanks L. I went home and was still feeling frisky so I grabbed both dogs and went for a little jog. Cleaned up, went to work and worked 10 1/2 hrs. This morning was super awesome. To have time to do all the things I wanted was great. I wish I could start my days late more often and still end by 5:30.

So that was Wednesday. What else happened last week? The 20K I wanted to do Saturday sold out. I looked at the site and didn't sign up. Why? Just procrastinating. This same procrastination made me miss the Shamrock'n half that is scheduled for March 14th. Bummer, but story of my life. I think my husbands favorite phrase for me is "You snooze, you lose!" I have a couple other races lined up for March 13th (5K), March 14th (1/2 marathon) and March 20th (20K). Did I mention that the 5K comes with beer at the finish and optional Pub Crawl tickets? My hubby hates "going out", but said he'd do the Pub Crawl if I was interested. So this is the plan for March so far, have I registered for any of these runs yet? Um, nope. But I plan to.

This week is going to be a little crazy...for my husband. Saturday he played single dad so I could run, get a massage, get a pedicure, get my hair cut and volunteer. Tuesday-Thursday he gets to do it again because I have to travel for work. Then, he has generously agreed to throw on the single dad hat again so I can go wine barrel tasting in Napa this coming Saturday (home Sunday morning). My husband is more awesome than I give him credit for, High Five Honey!

Race Report:
So the original 20K out of town was sold out, but I found a local road race to substitute.

Friday Pre-Race meal: Husband prepared an awesome Cuban style dinner with perfect black beans.

Saturday: breakfast half a Mountain Mix Mojo bar and 4 oz of water

Run: Missed the 1 mile start because I dilly dallied at home, then didn't have directions and had to iPhone map it from the town once I got into city limits. It's ok though, the 8K was plenty.

The course winded through an neighborhood for about a mile (boring), then on a not so scenic straight away that was a fusion of country and residential like road. This was the "Almond Blossom" festival run so they appropriately took us down about a mile stretch of blossomed trees, easiest part of the run. Only to take us down a not so scenic country road back to the residential neighborhood for a park finish. I am not complaining about the race necessarily, I just think more and more that I am a trail runner. Neighborhoods don't interest me, empty flat country roads, no so much either. It was such a mental game of keeping people in my sights, picking off the ones that I could. My goal was to run the whole thing and try and get my time into the 10 minute range. My 10K in January was at about 12 minutes. I did run the whole thing, but didn't get into the 10s. I finished in 56 minutes flat which is about 11 min 20 sec per mile. Certainly an improvement, but I mentally had to work way too hard for it. I prefer distractions, like beautiful trail scenery, climbs (which I hike) and downhills (which I completely rip through) or at the very least day dreaming until I realize oops, there's the finish. I was perfectly conscious the whole run. Not my best living in the moment experience. After I finished, I traced my way back about 3/4 of a mile to pick up a friend. Got stuck in lame festival traffic. Got home and had a post race meal, a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter.

This week I am traveling for work. I hope the hotel gym is decent, I'll need all the endorphins I can get. I will be in a pretty intimidating environment. For this reason I pampered myself after the run on Saturday. Nothing like a hair cut and fancy pedicure to help me feel confident in a room full of big rigs (yes I know it is big wigs, but this little comment is a funny for my hubby). I had also planned to drop some weight, but instead I have been gorging myself on girl scout cookies. Tis the season for shortbreads, lemonades and thin mints. Thanks employees who enlist their girls in extracurricular activities.

Have a great week everyone!



Good job at the 8K! I am an early registerer for everything! Sign up now so you don't miss out again!

AmandaB said...

Are you going to regional office? If so, and you are staying at the Marriott, you should be in luck. I remember them having a decent gym, and an indoor pool if you're into swimming laps.

Christi said...

Wow, I can really relate to your blog! Thanks for sharing.