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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Summary: Treat Yo'self

In December I left my iPhone on top of the car and drove away. An hour and a half later I realized my mistake. It was gone. Lost forever. I reactivated my iPhone3 and thought I could make due until the iPhone5 came out. I could not. Going from the iPhone4 to the iPhone3 is like going from high speed internet to dial-up. So I am now the proud owner of an iPhone4S....thankful for upgrades.

A few weeks back I ordered some clothes off of the GoLite online store. I can sometimes be an emotional shopper. They were clearance items and I felt like I needed to treat myself at the time. As it turns out, the day they arrived is also the same day SuperHubs felt like he needed to treat me to some REI clearance stuff. And so begins my very expensive week in photos...totally worth it by the way. At least that is what I need to tell myself when I am paying the credit card bill LOL
The GoLite convertible skirt can be a long skirt, strapless dress or halter.

I already have a dress made of the same material, so when I saw the GoLite skirt I had to have it. I am not as big of a fan of the lime green side (it is reversable), but the teal side is so pretty. Great for hiking, dry wicking, wrinkle free and wonderful.

Ok, so I got these GoLite Capris in tan, I love the girly cut. The knees have a side split and both the knee trim and inner waist liner are brown. Very cute and under $20. I will be living in these pants on warm days and hikes.
So this color is a little outrageous for me, but I love how soft and fluffy it is. The picture doesn't do the true color justice. The cut and fit is perfect, Patagonia has done good and so did my hubby for snagging this for me. I wear it all too often now.

I broke the rules. I went to the grocery store at night wearing this. A pretty electric blue pullover, gray sweats and bright green crocs. There were actually sirens when the fashion police were coming after me LOL
My son calls this my secret agent jacket. Yes, this comment by my 4 year old made me feel bad a$$ and makes me want to wear it
Why I Kick A$$: The scale is being nicer to me, we're still not BFFs, but I am not scared it's going to be mean to me anymore. Scale Confidence, Get Some.
The Big Picture: Yesterday I gave away the last of my children's baby items. Somethings went to a family member and others to Goodwill. I was really sad at the idea that we would not use these things again. When I handed them over to our cousin, I just loved the idea that another family would get to enjoy babyhood. Happiness is best shared.
Thankful Three:
  1. For treats from Super Hubby, it really does make me feel special to get presents
  2. For my 4-year old who can boost my self-esteem like a professional charmer
  3. For my iPhone...who needs all that extra time to go to the gym. Time is best spent on FB, Pinterest and other mind numbing activities, right?

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ajh said...

New clothes are fun! How nice of your hubby!