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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Summary: I Love My Life

I can often suffer from the grass is greener model of thinking. I wish I was one who could be one of those people who wanders around blissfully happy, but I am not. I have to remind myself to smile instead of looking so serious all the time, I don't usually jump up and down giddy about wonderful things that happen to me and I definitely don't "feel" happy all the time. I grew up in a household of straight faces, we were pretty serious all the time and while we were happy, it wasn't an overt expression of our identities. So what did I go and do?

I married a man who is silly, who grew up in a household that was expressive about being happy and he smiles generously. It is pretty refreshing, but that level of being - identity is still a conscious effort for me. This is especially true when I am feeling any level of stress. Today I smiled about something and physically felt the change that it brought about. I felt warm, I felt energetic and realized--WOW that was easy. (Ugh, I just typed that thinking of the darn Staples commercial). So today I need to remind myself that I live a pretty charmed life. I have an amazing husband, I literally am breathless when I see him and contented of the heart knowing we are together. My children are so amazingly beautiful, healthy and intelligent. I am 99.9% Healthy in every way. I am good at my job and fortunate enough that is keeps our family in a comfortable lifestyle. I also have an amazing extended family.

Check out my weekend:
Saturday: Stayed over at my brother and sister-in-laws in SF Friday night and got an early start on an 11+ mile walk along the peninsula Saturday morning. Stops included an amazing pastry shoppe, the best fruit salad ever at a hippy dippy shop that used "plastic ware" made from plants so it was 100% biodegradable, a quick walk up on part of the Golden Gate, then a cupcake shop in Ghiradelli Square called Kara's that had the most amazing coconut cupcakes and several gluten free options for my sister-in-law. Then of course we had pumpkin curry with fried yam strips on top for lunch. Pumpkin curry, makes total sense. So delicious. I also had a drink called a Thai Smile...totally made me smile.
Yes we're twinsies, my SIL gave me an extra layer that just so happen to match her blue mid-layer.
There were funky parts to my Saturday too. I was in a taxi cab crashed. Later got into another taxi and he didn't know where he was going, got out half a block later. Took BART, then another cab and OMG the short little ride cost like $30! Yikes! I was also an hour late getting home. This is where instead of stressing over how lame all that was, I really am thankful my niece was home to watch the kids and that my mom and aunt were around to take her to work and watch the kids until I got home. I have friends and family who don't live close to their families and struggle with babysitter issues. I can sometimes under value the convenience of having so many childcare options around us and the time and freedom to participate in so many non-mommy things on weeknights and weekends because my kids have so much family around them that love them and love spending time with them. Thank you to my extended family, you guys are so freak'n awesome!

Sunday: Oy, my weekends are full, but in the most lovely ways. Wonderful leisurely morning with my son while Super Hubby and The Bug were still in bed. Oatmeal breakfast, fun and gourmet baby shower with a room full of smart, talented and lovely ladies, then a quick visit to my cousins....I don't she them often enough, then the park with the family, a grocery trip and superb dinner with vegetable bar. Yeah, I live an truly wonderful life.

The Big Picture: Life is what you make it and I have spent plenty of time making sure we have the things we need to be happy and creating the environment we need to be happy, but I some times forget to actually BE happy. I love my is my new mantra.
Why I Kick A$$: I tried and triumphed over my first attempt at a mini-juice fast. Apparently I do have discipline!
Thankful Three
  1. For clean eating (mostly) TMI: PMS symptoms virtually gone and so are some digestive issues after less than a month of true healthy eating efforts
  2. For friends who support the food lifestyle change by sending sample menus on FB
  3. For the most amazingly beautiful and leisurely 11+ miles with my SIL yesterday... I really needed it

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Roz said...

Sounds like a great weekend. How lucky you are to have family so close! I miss being within driving distance of family members.