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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Motivation: For 12 easy payments of $34.99

Sometimes you get what you pay for and 
sometimes you get way more.

I am so glad  blogspot is free, because friends are expensive...and so are nieces. Do you have trouble making friends? I am terrible at it. I am not super social, although my husband would beg to differ. I see people working out and I would love to strike up a conversation and meet these fast feet folks that pass by my house everyday, but I don't. I chit chat with people at work about common interests, but never pursue it beyond work chit chat. My niece is 19. She is awesome and happens to be going to school in my town and stops by often. She wants to get fit and I love that she seeks my advice. I have a gym membership at 24 hr fitness, the Biggest Loser sponsor gym. Did I mention, I NEVER  use that membership. Really, I maybe go a few times a year. I don't go, because I don't have anyone to workout with and prefer company. Not that we have to hang on side by side treadmills or anything, but I like the accountability of meeting someone at the gym. My niece thought about joining, but picked a different gym that she and her friends go to *SAD FACE*
Not a picture of us, thank you google images for providing a wide array of pictures to steal borrow.

Then one night when her friends weren't available to workout she called me to see if I wanted to use her 7-day guest pass. Heck Yeah! Yay!!! I know how these things work. You can use the guest pass, but only after meeting with a "counselor" who will try and sell you on the gym. We had planned to go to the gym at close to 9PM so I told my niece she should call and see if there were any stipulations associated with her guest pass. Sure enough I would have to meet with a counselor and magically one would be there until 9PM. Score one for gyms sales folks, 9PM. Really?!

We got there, and with almost no haggling I walked out with a 1 year membership at the 3 year perk price and it was an ALL Club vs. single club membership AND there were no enrollment or registration fees, ooh and I got an extra month for free. Not too Shabby. So for $34.99 a month I have gym partner, $34.99 a month I have the flexibility to now work out with those co-workers who go to this gym not 24 hr fitness. That same week, a friend of mine re-joined 24 hr fitness, for less than $34.99 LOL. Hopefully, between meeting up with my friend and my niece I can make a real go at getting strong this fall/winter. I have suffered aches and pains to end (so it seems) and really the stronger I can make myself, I bet the fewer and further between these aches and pains will be. I feel old and I don't like it. Aging should be graceful, but apparently that takes effort, ibuprofen, calcium vitamins, a multi-vitamin, adequate rest and sense of humor.

The Big Picture: For $34.99 I get to spend time with my niece, doing something healthy and enjoying each others company before she goes off to a 4-yr university.

Thankful Three
  1. For Columbus Day-Don't judge me for what he did, I just appreciate the day off
  2. For Hot Chocolate
  3. For Dexter


Christi said...

The membership sounds like it will be well worth the price. Having accountability is huge! Enjoy your workouts!

Kris said...

Sounds like a good motivator to get to the gym. I like the new Big Picture addition as well!

Good luck on your marathon this weekend!