Slow and Steady

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five: Decisions

The doors we open and close each day 
decide the lives we live.  
~Flora Whittemore
  1. Good Decision: took a short day at work yesterday and a full day off today
  2. Good Decision: tried a new cocktail, a Sidecar is my new favorite drink
  3. Bad Decision: ate at Texas Road House, came home, stepped on the scale then started trying on outfits for an event tomorrow night-bad, bad, very bad idea...feeling so fat lately
  4. Good Decision: taking a few minutes to write this short blog and catch up on a few others
  5. Bad Decision: Waiting to start fixing the fat thing. easy fix. run. gym. eat better. instead, I am eating, eating, lounging, eating and have quite a bit of drinking on the schedule for the next couple days. I am going to double count this as a good decision because I am having so much fun and have so much fun planned for tonight and tomorrow.
Big Picture: Good Decisions and Bad Decisions they are both choices and while I am not too please with the extra 10lbs I'm living in, I am loving the time and space I am in, the family and friends I am spending time with and the balance that is being integrated back into my home and work life.

Thankful Three
  1. For my night away with the hubby
  2. For October, it's my favorite month
  3. For a lazy day


Amanda@runninghood said...

Glad to hear that you are loving where you are at and being okay with your decisions! Have fun tonight. And where are your reasons for kicking ass?! said...

Never try on clothes after stuffing yourself! That is one of the rules I follow along with 'don't go grocery shopping when starving.'

Kris said...

Eating, drinking, lounging sounds awesome! Enjoy!