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Monday, March 1, 2010

Registration Station

There are alot more races I need to register for, but this is what I have so far. I am so torn over weekends and how I should spend them. There are too many runs and TRIs on the same weekends and I can't race every weekend.

01/10/10 Cal 10K ~done
02/20/10 Rodeo Beach 5 miler ~done
02/27/10 Almond Blossom 8K ~done
03/06/10 Wine Road Barrel Tasting ~ oh it'll be quite the leisurely event (Napa wine trip with friends) :)
03/14/10 Redwood 1/2 Marathon Trail run
03/20/10 Priates Cove 20k Trail Run
04/18/10 Zin Spin 50K Bike Ride
04/24/10 Delta Tri Club Practice Tri
05/02/10 Avenue of the Giants 1/2 Marathon

Hopefully my hubby doesn't freak out over this schedule. Because most runs are out of town, he usually gets to play single dad. Guess I will need to pitch in as single mom for some fly fishing trips now. Not a bad trade off, although it does make spending time together a little difficult, but we work it in. Some day I hope he'll start running just as I am sure someday he hopes I learn to row a boat so he can fish. I know I was supposed to write about how he would want me to learn to fly fish, but really, fly fishing is sacred time that I am sure he mostly appreciates doing alone. Not sure he'll talk about G-d or religion with anyone, but nothing gets him closer to G-d than quiet time, standing in river, listening to the water rush and surrounded by nature in perfect form. It is the best way I can think fly fishing feels for him because that is what a good trail run does for me.

Happy Trails all.

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Christi said...

Nice schedule! Mine is often busy like yours. My husband doesn't run either but he is getting good at action shots! I have convinced him to ride with us on occasion so that makes for some great together time!