Slow and Steady

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. I didn't do my 1/2 marathon trail run last weekend. I was convinced staying out until 2:00am for a bachelorette party was a good idea. Being severely undertrained made being convinced easier...that and my running partner flaking for medical reasons.

2. I got a new bike trainer. Hooked up my bike. Have used it once. Not exactly my best efforts to stay in shape lately.

3. Work is good, I've been working too much, which makes work feel good. Getting more done at work, getting less sleep at home. There has to be a better way.

4. Crab feed tonight! I have been to exactly one crab feed in my life. I was a band geek and I was working our fundraiser. Seriously so disgusting to watch people smash, crack, suck and eat the crab so savagely. It's all you can eat so the headonistic atmosphere didn't help either. But we are supporting a friend in their quest for little league funds and I am looking at it as a social night out.

5. Big Saturday tomorrow. My 20K trail run is going to be...something, we'll see. Yes I am still severely undertrained, but this time I get to tack on sleep deprived, poorly nourished (unless Jack in the Box has made it to the top of the food pyramid) and I have a kids bday party at a zoo to attend immediately after. Good thing I get to rest on Sunday...oops, volunteering my time at 7:15 nevermind.

Hope you have a physically active and yet restful weekend.

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