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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just One More Thing...

So I have a feeling this blog might turn out to be just one more thing I add to the list of things I do, have done, tried etc... I am hoping not, but I am not one who is great at follow through. Don't get me wrong, I am a reliable and responsible wife, mother, friend, employee and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, I do not give myself the same attention. I have a habit of setting myself up to fail by giving myself the impossible to-do-list.

So what am I doing blogging? Really I am just wasting time not doing the things on the list that is generated in my head daily. Sometimes the list makes an appearance on paper as an effort to show commitment to actually completing it. Unfortunately, I treat the fact that I even wrote the list down as it's own accomplishment and stop there. I am a girl who is at her best when held accountable. Accountable to myself just isn't enough, hence being an Ambitious Slacker. I am hoping this blogging thing will help me feel accountable to the people in cyberspace who might read this. Lord knows I care way more about what other people think than just doing things for myself. I am also hoping to change that issue via this blogging thing too. Wish me luck! View my Dream Life below:

Dream life:
  • Wonderful Husband, check.
  • Wonderful Children, check.
  • Wonderful Home, check.
  • Wonderful Job, check.
  • I am the girl that wakes up at 4:00am for "me time" then gets the kids ready for school... don't kid yourself. I am so not a morning person, nor am I very domestic.
  • I am the girl that is a great cook and is fun to be around... again don't kid yourself. I am shy of a disaster in the kitchen and while I like to hang out and have fun, I have such a lame sense of humor and am so self conscious/worried about what other people think it is hard to be "fun loving".
So life goals? Let loose, who cares what people think. It is not my fault my sense of humor stops at knock-knock jokes. I can learn to be a better cook. I can train myself to be a morning person. Ah, there are so many things I can do! Now it is just figuring out how to motivate myself to actually do them?

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