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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am a blamer

Why can't I do everything? Today started off well, then I got distracted by facebook & blogs. I completely let the movie Babe babysit my son from after a late breakfast to an afternoon nap time. Poor guy was cooped up in the house all day and by dinner time it sure showed. During nap time I did lots of cleaning, guess this blog thing is working to get me doing something. I had high hopes of meeting a friend at the gym this afternoon, but the hubby couldn't get off from work to watch the little ones so I could go. Instead I came home, made a successful Butternut Squash soup and had a nice dinner with the family. Sounds pretty domestic huh?! Even with all this accomplished, I felt like there was so much more I wanted to do, but I had too much mommy/wifey stuff that needed to be done.

I am a blamer, there I have said it. If there is someone to blame, I will find them. This is where I am so thankful for the blogging world. Today I read about a women with an active husband (until marathon training do we part-Nov 15, 2009). She talked about how they traded time watching the kids so each could get their workout in. She also commented on how in talking to people with a sedentary spouse it isn't any easier. Someday's I blame being fat and inactive on my husband who is largely sedentary (save for March-Oct when he plays slow pitch softball 2x a week). I think if he were active we could run together or go bike riding etc. I love hiking for the sake of hiking. He'll hike 20 miles as long as there is a fishing hole for a destination, but just hiking is not his thing. I digress. So on this blog I was reading, the author said it wasn't easy with an active spouse because both wanted to get their own workout in and it is not easy when the spouse is sedentary either because they have their own interests. In my case I am married to a fly fisherman. The moral of the story, respect eachothers time, communicate and take the time when you can get it.

Tonight, 10PM my opportunity arose. Both kids were asleep and my husband said GO. If I didn't go to the gym there would be no one to blame but me. Sure I was tired from a long night with my 9 week old baby girl last night, and I had no gym partner, but I had this blog and would've felt guilty if I didn't go. I should be celebrating the success of going, but instead I am a little stunned. While I knew I was outta shape, tonight took the cake. I am only 9 weeks post C-Section and am recovering from being completely run down in an alumni basketball game Sunday too. That said, I was not prepared for walking on the treadmill. No, not just warm up, but walking the entire 36 minutes. I had my iPod on and my go to energy running song came on. I kicked up the speed and ran. Yup, I ran for literally about a minute before I had to walk again. My hamstring hurt, my knee hurt and there I was, walking and feeling like a shadow of my former self.

I am signed up for the Cal 10 (10K option) on January 10th. While I have no expectation to run the whole thing, let's hope I don't walk the whole thing either.

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