Slow and Steady

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Not the best nights sleep, but I'm sure no one could tell. I was a ball of energy and explored my new office where I start work Monday. Drove the route from the office to the gym (1.8 miles) and actually went to the gym when my husband got off work. The stars were aligned as a movie I discussed with my gym partner magically made it's way into my DVD player tonight. Quite fortuitous. I made a yummy Carbonara and my husband prepared a delicious salad. I had a wonderful day and am hoping for a restful night.

Why does this sound too good to be my life? Because I have not told you the millions of thoughts that have gone through my head today. The to-do's if you will. I'll spare you the lot of them, but here are a few highlights: RUN, TRI, READ

I'm hoping to run a 5K on Sunday. Ok, so what I meant was complete the 5K, running is debatable. My husband thinks it might be a good jump start to the year and propel me into a more motivated state. I am looking for a partner. While running is considered a individual sport, I am so much better when I have a friendly face at the start and finish. That said I have already started searching for someone to run it with me.

I am also considering joining a triathlon club. The new year will bring this club into it's 3rd year. I went to the very first meeting of the first year and in perfect style, did not follow through with the application. At the time the $45 membership and a $60 jersey deterred me. Silly I know, but I needed an excuse to not be all that I could be. In retrospect, I was much more active and actually competing in triathlons leading up to the formation of the TRI club and yet still didn't sign up.

I am having a change of heart and will go to the first meeting of the 2010 TRI club season with my membership fee in hand. Whether or not I end up being an "ACTIVE" member is yet to be determined. I surely hope I am that cool TRI girl, but I am not sure I have ever been associated with the word cool so wish me luck.

All these things take effort and I am adverse to effort. I ordered a book with a title that implies that less is more, but I am not sure that refers to the actual effort required to be successful. Just in case there is an easier way, the book has been ordered. We'll see if I can ACT on the suggestions in the book. I'll keep you posted.

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