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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Unexpected Detox

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.  
~Fran Lebowitz

Day 3 of my 7 day temporary eating adjustments and I have to say, it has kinda sucked. Someone on my Facebook page joked that it was a detox and they could have been more correct. I have dropped several pounds in a short period of time and that just tells me my consumption of the prohibited items: Bread/Crackers, Fried Food, Starbucks and Soda (diet) was WAY-WAY out of control. I haven't just stuck to not having the prohibited foods thing, I have also not had fast food of any sort for three days and no sweets! These are two are not officially on the list, but I am going to see how long I can stick that one out. I also have been tracking my calories via the Loseit App on my iPhone which is so much more helpful now that they added the bar code scanner. No more guessing!

Temporary Eating Adjustment Pitfalls:
  • Days 1 and 2 I missed breakfast. Fail.
  • Day 1 I miss read the calorie count on the menu and consumed 150 calories, when I thought is was 300. I was so hungry, but assumed it was in my head because it was day one of my diet. Hello! Don't pysch myself out, listen to my body.
  • Day 2 my taste buds were off and I really didn't like anything I was making for myself for dinner so I didn't eat much.
  • Today. Day 3. Ran 2 miles, only two miles when I couldn't have gotten up earlier to do more. 
  • Today. Day 3. Ran my 2 miles on an empty stomach and with not a huge calorie intake from the day prior so I was pretty wrecked when I was done.
  • Salad is not the same without croutons
  • Soup is not the same without crackers or bread
  • Eggs are better served with a side of toast
Temporary Eating Adjustment Successes
  • Made smart, healthful choices day 1
  • Yummy lunch day 2, I love hot & sour soup
  • Day 3, ran, ate a great breakfast-egg white omlette with spinach and jack cheese and apricot & mango greek yogurt
  • Have gotten about 8 hours of sleep eat night
Lessons-EAT. Yes it is about calories in and calories out, but more importantly good calories in and quality calories burned. I lost track of this the first two days and was really not feeling my best for a few hours today. I was pretty lethargic and had a headache, total detox/withdrawal feelings. I had not eaten enough those two days and this morning I was burning calories running when I wasn't prepared.

I honestly wanted a loaf of french bread and bottomless cup of Mexican hot chocolate by Friday night and today wanted to cry because I needed some form of comfort and I wasn't finding that in fridge. My saving meal was a cheesy enchilada and chicken mole for dinner. With a light breakfast and light lunch today, I had plenty of room in my calorie budget for this and had run this morning, so it was pretty guilt free. Plus I just needed to eat! Tomorrow starts day 4 and it is obvious a trip to the grocery store is in order, I need more options.

The Big Picture: This is really just a detox. I know what to do and how to do it, but I have lost my sense of discipline. These 7 days while it started out as a way to get back into my comfy size 10's before a work meeting, has become so much more. I have come to realize how much I really just needed to reconnect with feeling in control and having discipline. I have the ability. Like running 26.2, ability is a decent component, but so much of it is mental. I have lost that mental edge and in a small way this 7 day challenge is getting me mentally strong again and that is a bigger benefit than the already amazing weightloss results.
Why I Kick A$$: Goal 1-wedding weight achieved! Goal-2 getting back to my goal weight/comfy size 10's... well on my way. 

Thankful Three
  1. My friends and family in the military, amazing, amazing people
  2. My mom, she really came through tonight
  3. My lab, pretty great running partner this AM 


Christi said...

First, thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

Second, we are very much on the same wavelength. I need to find my strength and discipline again. I know I will and it will all work out in the end but until then it is a hard journey.

Third, you will reach your goal. You too are disciplined and strong. Keep up your good work! And feel free to email me if you need some free strength!

ajh said...

I haven't found my discipline. Congrats to you.