Slow and Steady

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivation: I Survived Day 5

We cannot do everything at once, 
but we can do something at once.  
~Calvin Coolidg

It is the end of Day 5 and I am trucking along on this 7 day temporary eating adjustment. I made some bad decisions the first couple of days, but feel like it is getting easier every day.

  • Pretty significant success with seemingly small adjustments
  • Feel rested
  • Managing cravings pretty easily
  • Weighing myself everyday
  • Expecting weight loss everyday
  • Tough finding a food that will fill me up and satisfy me the same way bread does

Awesome things over the last few days:
  • Made the Tomato-Garbanzo bean soup from December Runner's World issue-YUMMY
  • Hit the gym and did sprints tonight, I can run pretty fast for short stints, pretty awesome
  • I get a repeat of my gym date tonight tomorrow night! Yay for my niece!!
  • Last night I got a FB Wall Post asking if I wanted to run CIM next, yes please!

The Big Picture: My rational brain keeps reminding me that it is not reasonable to weigh myself everyday or expect weight loss everyday. In 5 days I have lost about 6lbs. I know that is fast and that rapid weight loss is not good, but I think of my 10lb total gain, the 6 that came off quickly just didn't have time to settle in when they first showed up. These next 4 lbs are likely to be much more formidable. 
Why I Kick A$$: I usually run casually at 5.0-6.0 on the treadmill. I hit 9.0 for my sprints. Apparently I can be fast in short bursts.

Thankful Three:
  1. For strategic planning sessions at work-so super fun
  2. For Pesto, OMG I am loving me some Pesto these days
  3. For the hot shower I am about to take--good night!


Christi said...

Can I run CIM with ya? I have always wanted to run that race.

The Jesse said...

I love CIM. I ran it last year for my first full and I'm running it this year too :)