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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Sampler: PMS and Breaking Dawn

I’m no Alice – you’re just predictable.
Seth Clearwater, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 1, p.11

Spoiler alert, I will be talking about the period. I hate that word. PERIOD. Sounds so final. There is nothing final about it, that sh*% shows up every month! Hence forth it will be referred to as my moon, since it is A. Cyclical in nature and B. Brings on transformation. 

Ok, so I am not one of those folks who is all super bitching during my moon. I do not curl up in a ball and call in sick to work because I have cramps. No, like the Vampire thing in the Twilight series, there are certain characteristics about me that are magnified when I am under my moon's cycle. For example. I.LOVE.TO.EAT. Did I say love? I mean really love to eat. When my moon is approaching I turn into a freaking Newborn. You know those new vampires that hunt and are totally out of control? Yeah, the 5-7 days before my moon, I eat completely out of control. I am particularly fond of those things that are high in calories, usually fried or high in sugar content. If I can get all three, SCORE!
I am also a sensitive person. Vampire heightened sensitivity senses? Not Good. Any day of the week a commercial will make me cry, the news will severely depress me and my feelings are hurt easily. The 5-7 days before my moon? Look out world it is pretty scary. I am living those 5-7 days right now. I also went to see Breaking Dawn yesterday. BAD.IDEA. I loved the book series. I generally knew what I would see on the big screen. Not sure if I have mentioned it on this blog before, but I want more children and my husband doesn't. Sore subject. Bella getting knocked up and Edward not wanting her to keep it. Totally had me crying. Bella having a baby? Totally had me crying. Those sweet little eyes that made Jacob imprint on Renesme? Yup, crying some more. Then to top it off, I was completely depressed that the movie was over. You know, like when I finish a good book and am really sad it is over. I know that Part II is coming, but still, I was totally sad the movie was over.

So Alice in the series can read what will happen in peoples lives, my husband is no Alice. I am just that predictable. So Sunday I started to feel a little lame. Monday was a pretty good day at work, but I wasn't feeling spunky. Tuesday my Facebook post was something along the lines of: Gee I had a good weekend, I had a great day at work and there is nothing to dread this week, why do I feel like staying home and curling up on the couch. Yeah, I am dumb. I really ask myself these questions. Super Hubby makes fun of me because I never see it coming. I am on birth control pills, I see those darn funny colored sugar placebo pills, but still every month my moon totally blind sides me. Ok so there you have it my "PMS" life as it relates to Twilight. I think I'd rather have the cramps, at least there is a pill for that. On the flip side when the moon arrives, my sanity also returns. 

Had Too Much Information yet? LOL thanks for reading.

The Big Picture: The same way the Harry Potter movie series overlapped the Twilight movies series is how The Hunger Game series will over lap Twilight. I don't have to be sad Twilight is almost over, I have The Hunger Games to look forward too.

Why I Kick A$$: Despite eating Carl's Jr., Mc Donald's 2x, Pizza, In-n-Out, Weinerschnitzel, Starbucks this week, I did not gain any weight.

Thankful Three
  1. For a husband who knows me better than I know myself
  2. For recently discovering the wonderfulness that is Mc Donald's $1 sweet tea
  3. For nailing a spontaneous effort at chocoloate-white chocolate swirl fudge

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Christi said...

My moon gets to me the same way. Of course now that I had a hysterectomy I am not supposed to go through that right?! I wish my emotions knew that!

Have a great week!