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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit: Mexican Mothers Day

My facebook horoscope by Rick Levine--I think then stars are telling me to get off my a$$ and kick it into gear both on my marathon training as well as my new job.

Today's the day to shift into gear and put your plan into motion. You've had enough time to process your feelings and to consider what's ahead and you can't put off the inevitable. Instead of waiting for a better moment, take the first steps toward your goal now while you have the chance. It could take a while to get there, so don't delay starting any longer.

Ok, for the record I am not a double dipper as my bestie says. We do not celebrate US mother's day for me, but we do celebrate it for my mother-in-law. I'll accept the best wishes and niceties, but May 10th is my day. To celebrate, I took today off, was greeted by 18 long stem roses when I woke up, a pair of lovely earrings, an adorable card from my kids and a hilarious card from my husband. The card from my husband had nothing to do with mothers day, in fact it was a birthday card that he lined out and wrote in "Happy Mother's Day," He also explained, in the card, why he got the card: "I don't get it, so I had to buy it for you to explain it to me." Actually hilarious, you know the sexy disco 70's porn music: Bown-Chick-a-Bown-Wow. Well this card said something like who are the sexiest animals on a farm? Then when you opened it there was the disco porn music singing Brown Chicken, Brown Cow. I know, I have no idea why this is so funny, but it was and my 3 years played it over and over until whisked him away to his grandparents for the day.

How did I spend the rest of my day? I got an intense massage. My girl dug her elbow so far in my ass that I nearly cried bloody murder tears of joy as my hamstring-piriformis first clenched, then about an hour later 2 minutes into the excruciating pain pressure, it released. Sigh of relief. She worked the crap out of my IT bands and I think with some serious stretching all week I might not die running a half marathon I am completely not trained for which I am most certainly under trained. Afterward I milled around my home town buying bread at a local bakery, shopping in a furniture consignment shop, having Chipotle with a co-worker, a little trip to pick up my PowerGels, Gu's and blocks for Sunday's half, Trader Joe's for coconut water, then Target. Now I am home enjoying my DVR'd Oprah and Vampire Diaries. Tonight I get a nice dinner with my family and then it is back to grind, my new super duper ADM job grind. I love it.

Why I Kick A$$: I spent last night helping my niece Poley prepare for her job interview today and she aced it! Yes I am totally taking credit for having such a smart niece. My 19 year old niece now has a full time job, woo hoo! To top it off, it will allow her the flexibility to continue to pursue her Bachelor's degree. Her older sister Keeka also interviewed at a different place today and we think her visit to HR tomorrow will be just as positive as Poley's.
Thankful Three
  1. For days off
  2. For new opportunties
  3. For fresh baked cibatta

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track coach and adorable wife said...

Yay for Brown Chicken, Brown Cow! My husband and I heard that on 'last comic standing' last year and loved it! Sounds like your Mother's Day was quite heavenly!