Slow and Steady

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Summary: I'm still here

Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, 
your body, your mind, your spirit. 
Then get back to work.
~Ralph Martson

This post will not be about how fantastic my running schedule has been, because it hasn't. I was supposed to do a trail half yesterday and wussed out. I would have loved running in the mud in the rain, but really had to make a decision about how much I wanted to torture myself. After my last half a couple weeks ago I did a Krav Maga workout next day, then ran the day after that and realized I needed to recoup. What I didn't realize is that sitting on my A$$ everyday wasn't the best effort. I needed to be stretching and staying limber. So I went back to Krav Maga this past week and over did it. My right calf I think has a pulled muscle. I skipped the half yesterday in favor of a torture session deep tissue massage afterword I felt completely battered refreshed. I have signed up for two more sessions over the next 3 weeks so I can get back on track. It's time for me to rest, because I will soon need to be back to work with my fitness, life and work goals. Stay tuned for a revised plan of attack in said areas.

Here is how I have been spending my time: Eating junk food, buying way too many girl scout cookies, hanging with my cousins at the Lodi Spring Wine Show, enjoying a night out with the girls at the wine show, eating cheese, bread, gourment basil olive oil from Coldani, Ripken Tempranillo and of course GS cookies post wine show and trying to get back on track by hitting the farmers market this morning with my Bug.

Why I Kick A$$: I make the best roasted beets. Yes, this is a reason to kick A$$ and I am sticking to it.
Thankful Three:
  1. Girl Scout Shout Out Cookies
  2. Monday's off to celebrate a great mentor who is retiring
  3. Tall Hot Chai Latte (non-fat) with two mocha pumps and no water-Yes I feel like the folks in LA Story when I order


Emz said...

AM I horrible? that McD's looks awesome.

Julie said...

I do not know when the last time I had McD's but I have to agree....those fries....OMG!!!

Sorry that's probably not all I was suppose to get out of this post. :)

P said...

Somehow I managed to stay clear of the GS cookies this year, but I was at McD's myself this morning!! :) Wine is totally a health food, btw, so you're doing just fine. Sometimes (most of the time), taking a break is just what you need to re-focus on your fitness.

Christi said...

I love McD's and girl scout cookies!

Tricia said...

Not sure how, but we survived without GS cookies this year