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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Good Clothes & Patience

So I am a saver. Not quite a hoarder, but I certainly save more than I toss. Sometimes saving is good. For example, I did not take much vacation for 2 years so that I could have a long maternity leave using my saved sick and vacation time. Then there are the ridiculous things. I know I am not alone here when I say I save outfits. I'll want to wear a nice shirt and then decide the occasion is not worthy and I should save it for something better. This same shirt can go untouched in my closet for weeks. I know rationally that this shirt can be washed, but what if something great came up and it was in the laundry?

This same ridiculous logic has transcended going out clothes to workout clothes. Yes the girl who has trouble even working out consistently saves the "good" sports bras for the "good" workouts. I really must just make the events (going out or working out) all just be wonderful for what they are and worthy of the "good" outfits. The fact that I am going anywhere or working out at all should be occasion enough to be feel good in my good clothes.

Side Note:

I was sidelined (no pun intended) with a pulled tummy muscle. Really frustrating because I was on a workout roll and weight loss roll. I was very close to breaking the 200 lb mark. Tomorrow, I am going to try Spin Class, I feel like a week break is enough. Then again, I am notorious for being impatient. The reason I pulled a muscle in the first place is because I was doing too much too soon. Really, after a C-Section there is no reason to start ab specific workouts so early. Why didn't I listen to my Dr.? On the subject of patience, I have come to realize how much I have needed my workouts. I have been a grouch and completely lacked patience since I pulled my tummy muscle. I need to expend energy and maybe more importantly, get out of the house for me time...regularly.

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