Slow and Steady

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Burn out? High School Reunion

The price of anything 
is the amount of life you exchange for it. 
~Henry David Thoreau

I don't know what it is, but I am burnt out. Today I went home sick from work and I rarely get sick and even more rarely require taking sick time. I know some of today was brought on by the following:
  • Dehydration
  • Poor diet
  • Very little exercise
  • Oh and a little tiny bit can be attributed to a minor ailment, which is usually controlled with proper hydration, proper diet and proper exercise.
I keep coming back to the same concept and that is, it is super hard to dig oneself out of a hole. So why do I fall off the wagon? Because prevention is challenging. It requires planning, commitment and follow through. Planning I have down, no problem. Commitment and follow through, well I am still working on those. But maybe that is what I am tired of? Work is stable, home is stable, but personal time for relaxation, socializing and exercise are not in healthy balance and what do you know? It is a challenge too, apparently it also requires planning, commitment and follow through. So where do I start?

What is new? Uh, not a whole lot. I checked my training calendar pinned to my fancy vision board that I look at every day. It was a 12 week plan to my half marathon in October.....yeah.....uh, I am down to 8.5 weeks and I have started. I will probably spend some time planning that, might even take some action and revise the 12 weeks to the current 8.5. I have run the course. I know I can finish. I was never trying to PR. Now I just need to work on being able to complete it injury free. Wow, like I have said more than once LOL

What else is new? Oh yeah, I have my 15 year high school reunion on Saturday. No our class wasn't super on top of it for a 10 year, but we are making up for it with a 15. Did I mention I am nervous? I should have been motivated to try to slim down, but it didn't happen. It is funny, I didn't think of myself as all that pretty in high school, but looking back at photos I looked pretty good. I was such a dumb insecure teenager. So what did looking back at high school photos do for me? Make me a dumb insecure 30 something LOL I have an unrealistic expectation that everyone will look exactly as they did in high school or better and I will be the only one that let her self go a bit...ok a little more than a bit but not a lot. I am not fat, I just don't look like the athlete I once was.
Yes I punish myself with this pic by having it on my vision board.
Why I Kick A$$: Because despite my insecurities I bit the bullet and bought tickets to go.
The Big Picture: No, I haven't started training yet, but 8.5 weeks is plenty of time!
Thankful Three:
  1. For the ability to leave work before puking in my office.
  2. For the interest in wanting to blog tonight.
  3. For kids that went to bed extra early tonight... I needed some down time.


Pahla Bowers said...

The good news about being chubby in high school (like I was) is that by comparison, I look great now. LOL! 8.5 weeks is plenty of time to get ready and I know you can do it. My favorite moti-quote: The only thing holding you back is the thought that there's something holding you back.

AmandaB said...

I can guarantee you that nearly everyone else going to that reunion is going through the same anxiety right now. :-) And you really do look great. It's all a matter of perspective. I'm glad that I don't look like I did in high school...I actually have an adult's body instead of a stick figure's. LOL. Take plenty of time for yourself. I've started, and yes, it all takes planning and committment. Luckily we work in an envirornment that is increasingly supportive of that balance!

Christi said...

You were beautiful in high school! Go back and enjoy the reunion!