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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Five: Actually Working Out

I was always looking outside myself for 
strength and confidence 
but it comes from within.
Glad they look fun and pretty, because it is not that much fun and it sure doesn't look pretty LOL

  1. Wow, working a full 5-day work week is tough stuff. LOL yeah, I have been very lucky to be taking so much time off lately that this week was a challenge to get through mentally. I've gotten so much done and I have all day today to do more. Phew, good thing it is almost the weekend....wait?
  2. Tomorrow I am going to a wedding. I am super excited for my friends to be married, I am NOT super excited about the heat for this outdoor 4PM wedding. Fortunately, there will be refreshments if you know what I mean.
  3. Workouts, what's working and what's not. I haven't run since I can't remember when. Has it been a week? Two? I have been lifting weights though. Weights on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I went to a HIIT bootcamp style class, Thursday was Kettle bells and today a class appropriately title Guts and Butts. I dig the class thing and I am definitely seeing some muscle tone from the weight lifting I am doing at home, but I was too weak to hold some of the 1-1.5 minute circuits at both HIIT and Kettle Bell. It is crazy, I have no idea how I was ever an athlete?
  4. Sunday is fathers day and I haven't gotten my husband anything. He is nearly impossible to shop for so I need to get it together in the next, uh 24 hours? We are going to an A's Game and are pretty excited about Coco Crisp Chia Pet day LOL Actually, what is most exciting is some of our bestest friends who just moved back to California will be there and that is a gift in and of itself.
  5. Eating. I packed my lunches all week, I am rocking my protein shakes, fiber and water in take, but on class days i am extra hungry, even beyond the extra calories I get for what I am burning. I am also not so restrictive that I am going to pretend that I am not going to drink and eat a lot at the wedding, like cheese off my fingers from the Nachos at the game or burp hot dogs the rest of the day Sunday. Yeah, I know super sexy for the hubby LOL It will be a fun day, hot and probably exhausting for the kiddos, but fun
Why I Kick A$$: My biceps are a quarter inch smaller and more defined. Out with the fat in with the toned muscle. NOTE: I am not trying to bulk up, just firm up.
The Big Picture: Damn it, I wish I knew. Actually, I love the way my body feels and is functioning. My biggest complaint is the belly swell, but I can feel my abs coming in underneath, just have to get more cardio in to burn fat. All in good time.

Thankful Three
  1. For wonderful bloggers sharing great information.
  2. For a really neat gym offering dynamic classes that not only hold my interest, but are offered at ridiculous 5AM and 6AM start times.
  3. For the nice guy that sold me my protein and not a single unwanted-needed item more.

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