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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Turn Around: Finding Happiness, a Diary Entry

Most folks are about as happy 
as they make up their minds to be. 
~Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday "Hump Day" sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. Today is an exception to the rule in that I am off Thursday and Friday. An amazing thing has evolved...happiness, effortless happiness. Now don't get me wrong, I am happy and have been happy for a long time. I have always wanted and worked towards having happiness in my life. What I am talking about is the routine of making sure I have a balance of things in my life. Like working hard, but not taking myself to seriously. Like staying fit, but not obsessing. Like being with my family, but not neglecting myself. Spending time on me, but keeping my distance from being selfish. My goodness, it is this balance I have sought out for so long and I almost missed that it has arrived. I am riding a wave of balance...well almost. My weight is still a battle, but it is strictly for vanity. I am healthy, my weight does not prevent me from being active and I have no ailments. I just really want to feel better in my clothes. Moving on, here is a recap of the lovely life I've gotten to live since last time I posted. It is in diary format and long, but hey it's my blog and I am pretty sure I can do that, right?

I didn't have to work more than an 8 hour day, I got to run after work and took the kids on a bike and tricycle ride while my amazing husband prepared a delicious dinner. My man is a manly man and knows his way around the kitchen.

Another straight forward, 8 hour day at work. I am blessed to have steady employment and a supportive boss who has graciously approved my time off without question. I zipped into San Francisco this night to watch Don Quixote at the ballet with my sister-in-law. I feel weird saying in law, because the closer we become the more it truly feels like we are siblings. The night was wonderful, started with Sushi, then the ballet filled with gorgeous costumes and flawless choreography and if we weren't feeling fancy enough, we headed over to NOPA a trendy restaurant for 2nd "dinner." We had amazing deep fried Fava beans and serious cocktails. Strongly recommend the place to anyone wanting a quality food experience in a positive atmosphere. Bonus, one can actually go to dinner at 11 PM and have a great time.
I truly am blessed to live where I do. I ended up staying over in SF since my boss gave me Friday off. We woke up early, headed to the Embarcadero, ran-walked to Chrissy field and back, about 7 miles. I even got to stop into the Ferry Building for a croissant and Kefir and OJ. Seriously one of my favorite drinks. My morning was perfect and my afternoon was equally great. I got lots of house work done, then visited with my cousins who just had a baby boy, picked up kids from school and then went to our Uncle's house for Friday night dinner. Family is beautiful and time to spend with them, precious.
Just me and the kids today since Super Hubby was at an over night golf tournament (Fri-Sat). What better thing to do than to visit my BFF and her daughters who are the same age as my rug rats. Who needs therapy when you have best friends. D always grounds me, makes me feel confident in myself and in doing so makes me sad that I don't get to sit in her living room everyday...she lives out of town. Time with friends always rejuvenates me. At the end of our time I headed home, did all my house work chores and when Super Hubby came home to be with the kids, I walked to our neighborhood trendy restaurant for dinner and drinks with some of the local girls.

Super Hubs had to work a little and Duder had Temple pre-school. The arrangement allowed me and my Bug to have little girls day. We had breakfast then headed to farmer's market and then had time for the street fair with my mom and aunt. I can't wait for more of these little outings as she grows. After nap, we hosted some friends from school for dinner and a play date. The bonus about hosting a play date? I did all my house work on Saturday and Super Hubs did all the yard work. Our house is the cleanest when we are having company.
Monday was mellow, beautifully mellow and our little family got some swim time in after work and BBQ'd outside. I even hit the grocery before all this happened. I love how late it stays sunny. These types of afternoons scream weekend time, but this was my Monday!

Again with an easy day at work, I had time for short 3 mile run in the blazing heat then more swimming for the kids before a yummy dinner.

Work. Got EVERYTHING done. Seriously, every single thing on my to-do-list done. Dinner with my family and time for my hubby to head out for some afternoon fishing. Guess what, I have tomorrow and Friday off.

While I feel like I am taking a lot of time off from work lately, I also think it is an important component to maintain this sense of balance. Whether it is taking an half hour off to go run or a day off to relax. I understand not many people can do this. I know I am lucky to work for someone so flexible, but I also credit myself for positioning myself to afford the time off. I work my A$$ off to make sure I am not skipping out on my team or not pulling my weight. I instill confidence in my team and my boss that I can leave and that I have done what I need to do.

The Big Picture: There are times I will love every minute of my life and others where I will have to remind myself to love every minute. I am just enjoying how effortless that is for me right now.
Why I Kick A$$: Because I am working my training plan, it is not working me. Can't wait for Saturday's Trail 10K.
Thankful Three:
  1. For life, for living, breathing and having my family with me.
  2. For sunny days
  3. For some mother-daughter time with my Bug this past weekend.

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