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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit: Running and Fun, what more could a girl ask for

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
~Coco Chanel 

Training got a little weird last week. I wanted to run on non run days so I did. I wanted to run further than was scheduled do I did. It has been great, eating last week was great, the scale was great, then the weekend arrived.

Training  miles planned/miles actually run
Mon rest/4 miles
Tues 3 mile run/rest a.k.a. Happy Hour
Wed CT/ 5 miles
Thurs 2.5 mile run/rest
Fri rest/2 mile run
Sat 4.5 mile run/2 mile since I ran 5 Wed
Sun CT/rest

This week is off to the exact right start, a rest day! On the horizon:
Mon- rest

Tues- 3.5

Wed- CT

Thurs- 3

Fri- rest

Sat- 5

Sun- 40 min EZ run or CT

This weekend I partially hosted a Bachelorette weekend. The sister of the bride arranged an amazing spa day with a delicious brunch. Mimosa's, Sangria, a chicken salad with curry in it that rocked my world and fruit salad etc. Then it was my part of the trip, a couple little "get to know you" games, went to a fancy restaurant TASTE and the next day hit a few wineries for some tasting. I had such a relaxing weekend. I also got to pick the brains of a personal trainer in training and a registered dietician. Fitness, health and girl talk all in one weekend. It was pretty awesome.
Saturday night dinner drinks
Filet, greens and that little tart is a Pt. Reyes blue cheese tart
I just had fruit and toast, but these eggs Benedict for everyone else were picture perfect
Such a beautiful group of girls on a beautiful day drinking beautiful wine
The Big Picture: As I reconnect with a running, a schedule is just a guide... kind of a minimum if you will. So when I was feeling a like a little more last week, I was ok with going for it.
Why I kick A$$: I have entered a fitness world that has some semblance of consistency.
Thankful Three:
  1. For a girls weekend
  2. For making another successful batch of my white chocolate cashew fudge
  3. For mapping a wine tasting run, 6 miles, 4 wineries...should be fun!

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Christi said...

Girl's weekends are the best! I always love reconnecting with my besties.

You are doing great with your training!