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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five: HOT Baby!

Sunshine on my shoulders 
makes me happy. 
~John Denver
You can't tell, but my shirt is completely soaked through and had it not been for the 15 minute drive with the A/C blowing, you would have gotten a picture with my face as red as my tank top!
HOT? Yeah you read right, HOT in more ways than one.
  1. HOT- Running this week has been perfect. Nailed my Tuesday and Thursday run and despite planning to count tomorrow's 3.47 mile obstacle course mud run as my scheduled 4 miler, I felt like I needed a consecutive 4 miles *sans obstacle course* so I decided to run after work. Smart, no? 
  2. HOT-HOT- I worked my regular 8 hour day, dropped off snacks at the pre-school since I would be running late and headed out for a 4 mile loop. First I misread the route and was finishing too soon, then about mile 2 I just could not stand the heat any longer and had to walk. I get that I live in California and people love the California sunshine as I did for my Tuesday and Thursday run, but today was ridiculous! 89 degrees of sunshine without shade--ridiculous! I know it doesn't sound bad, but there was no weather transition to acclimate to this HOT weather so it literally felt like a scorcher today. I planned to finish in 45 minutes, but with so much walking in miles 3 and 4 I finished drenched with sweat, skin on fire and energy zapped 47:45 minutes later.
  3. HOT-HOT-HOT- Tomorrow is my mud run and I'm counting it toward my scheduled 35-40 minute easy run. It will take me longer than 40 minutes for sure and I am not sure how easy it will be. FUN yes, EASY? Maybe not so much. Sunday and Monday are consecutive rest days now and I think I'll appreciate that *schedule subject to change.
  4. Woo Hoo I am on FIRE- My hydration has been so much better since I refocused a week or two ago which helped on today's surprisingly hot run.
  5. UH, NOT SO HOT- The eating, my goodness, I am so not there yet. I am eating mostly good things, most of the time. My problem is volume. There is such a thing as too much good stuff. Calories in and calories out--tough concept I know. My weight is unnerving, but mostly I just want to fit in my that point I would care much less about the number on the scale. Unfortunately, I punish myself by stepping on the scale knowing what it is going to say and then sadly wiggle my way into some SPANX so I can try and fit into my work clothes. P.S. Some how I forgot how spandex-y running clothes don't quite make me feel like a rock star when I am not fit enough to be wearing them. I laughed when I saw a SPANX advertisement with people wearing them under work out clothes. While I refuse to do that simply because it is too damn HOT, I do get it now. I get it.
The Big Picture: Getting back to fit is a process. REPEAT, getting back to "FIT" is an ongoing process.
Why I Kick A$$: I gritted out the 4 blazing HOT miles today like a idiot trooper!
Thankful Three:
  1. For tomorrow's mud run with Super Hubby.
  2. For Sunday's family day.
  3. For making it through my first full week of work in 4 weeks...I got away with several 3 day weekends these last few weeks for fun times, now it's is back to reality.

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Christi said...

You are doing great! I hear about eating. My volume is way off. I am going to work on that this week! Heres to us rockin' it this week!